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A Tribute To The Loss Of A Dear Friend – Tucker Nelson

Tucker & Sandi Nelson

Many years ago, around 1997, I met a man, I mean a real man. His name is Tucker Nelson. Tucker was a real man for many reason’s, but mostly for his courage, strength, and zest for life. You see, back in 1981, Tucker was in a trucking accident, yep, he was a truck driver. Tucker was seriously injured, and was confined to a wheel chair for the rest of his life. But Tucker was the most able person I know, he wouldn’t let the accident and the chair beat him. Sure he had times of frustration and depression, that made him normal to me, but he lived regardless of his situation.

When I met Tucker, he was a broker for the company I worked for, I would call him and he would provide trucking / transportation for our products being shipped all over North America. After many years of calling him, he hired me to help him build his business, business development. A few short years later, Tucker sold the business, and we stayed close friends, and I continued to support his technology needs. I used to drive into Burnaby to fix his computer problems, it made for long days, but he was worth it, and I enjoyed being with Tucker.

Yesterday (Nov 30th, 2012), I got the news from one of his daughter’s, that he had died from a massive heart attack. I have to admit, I am devastated, I have lost my Father, I have lost my Father-In-Law, I’ve lost other close friends, but today I find myself struggling with losing Tucker. I’m not looking for sympathy, that’s not why I write this tribute. I want you to know about Tucker, he was my friend, he was an over comer, a warrior, and he also was very compassionate. I will miss him, I feel bad that I didn’t spend more time with him, but I do have the comfort of knowing one thing. When he called, I always went to him, I never said no…I always said, I’ll be there as quickly as I can, and that was usually immediately. I am truly sad right now.

The picture above was taken a few years ago, around 2002. His wife Sandi passed away to cancer just few short years ago, she looked after and loved Tucker like no one else could, or has in the past. We talked of her often, he was grateful for the years he had with Sandi, and that she no longer suffers.

Thank you for indulging me as I pay tribute to a dear friend, I will miss him.

We are not promised tomorrow, please spend time with those you love and care for, make the world a better place with your kindness and love.

Many Blessings to you all.



2 Responses to A Tribute To The Loss Of A Dear Friend – Tucker Nelson

  1. Very well said, Owen. A great reminder to us all to invest ‘time’ in what matters the most. Sounds likeTucker was one of the good ones! Thank you for sharing. Alison