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Have a Computer Problem, Ask The Geek

Owen Greaves - The Geek

I woke up this morning (5AM Pacific) and came across a site talking about online businesses, (far too many of them I think), but one commentor caught my attention. This person stated, a successful online business actually solves a problem. Think about that for a second, not a minute or several minutes, the challenge with many websites is that they don’t actually help you with anything and maybe that’s what they wanted, they wanted a platform to get stuff off their chest. I started my site because I wanted to be a voice for technologies that no one is talking about, nanotechnology and how it will invade your very life. I don’t really solve a problem as much as I provide information and try to give you something to think about. Now I still want to help people because I believe that it’s the right thing to do, we all need help with something and today more than ever money is the greatest shortage. Why? Listen to CNN and you’ll figure it out.

I’m an old computer fix it guy, I help many people with there computers because I know how. I discovered early in my life I have the gift of helps, I love to help people, but why are they so skeptical that I might help them and ask nothing in return? My wife gets on me because I do more for free than not, is that wrong? I find that I have a real soft spot for people in general, I don’t like to take advantage of anyone and will put myself in a tough spot to help others…why is that? So, if your motive is money all the time, how do you actually help someone who can’t afford to let you help them? I get the greatest satisfaction in mentoring and giving people something to think about, how they can do something better and maybe even figure out what they really want to do that energizes them.I like to make people think for themselves, to help them make the light go on and see something they couldn’t see before.

We all have something we are naturally good at but we rarely figure out early in life what we were meant to do, it’s not that hard really. Give your gift away and then make your living by solving a problem.

So I’m going to pay it forward today, I am going to offer free tech help on my site today if asked. Of course, there will be some things that will make it impossible to resolve unless I’m sitting right in front of the computer…like hardware failures and such. Nothing like being there :)

So if you have a natural gifting, use it! God designed you to be good at something and he also created you to have compassion and love for those around you…even the unlovable. Help others and do it with a cheerful heart, then watch your life change.

So the question of the day, what computer problem are you having that I might be able to help you with, drop everything and post your request here.


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