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I’m Making Headway!

For years I have held off paying for a theme for my blog because I like free. What I have learned is that free themes are bare bones and usually clone in nature. Having just purchased the Headway Theme after considerable deliberation, OK, I was being all wishy washy on the decision but I eventually did it.

This isn’t a review of the Headway Theme, I’m just sharing how easy it was for me to make the transition. Virtually pain free, I had to learn where things were located and the order in which the Visual Editor likes to function, but that didn’t take long. In fact, I was able to make the shift in a few hours last night, today I have been tweaking the small stuff.

Yes, I am endorsing Headway Theme because of its ease of use, and you will see much thought that was put into it, feature rich, and simplistic in nature. You don’t need to be a coder of any kind, just learn the tools and you can build a slick looking site in no time at all.

I love how each page is treated individually, the sidebar is not automatically assigned to all pages in your blog, you get full control over that Leaf. You can duplicate your Homepage Leaf and place it on specific pages within your Blog, just a couple clicks and you’re done!

I made the shift, please take a look at my Blog and let me know what you think (unless its negative). Just kidding. I’ve tried to keep it clean and simple, I am considering a background on the Banner but that will have to wait, I have to run off to a meeting.

I highly recommend you consider purchasing a Headway Theme (Affiliate Link), you can find them here.

So what do you think of my new theme?

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