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My Christmas Wish List

Every year Christmas rolls around I have no clue what I want for Christmas! I usually say, just get me socks & underwear. You can never have enough of that stuff, they grow legs! The reality is, whenever I need or want something, I just go and buy it. I know, I take away the opportunity for someone to bless me with something I actually want. This year though, there a couple things I would like to have for Christmas, let me share.

1.) New iPhone or Blackberry – my cell phone died a very quick death from three stories high : ) slipped out of hand..ooooppps!

2.) An External 1 TB Hard Drive

3.) A MinoHD Camera

4.) Flat Screnn TV ( 42″)

5.) PS3 or XBOX (I have PS2 & WII)

6.) Maybe some cool reading material

7.) And maybe one of my Vision / Goals for 2010 : ) ( My Vision / Goals )

What about you, let’s be kids again and dream & wish for something, what do you want for Christmas?

2 Responses to My Christmas Wish List

  1. Owen, I love that list. We are all kids at heart. The only difference is the size of the toys:) One thing I would add to that list is a new NAS Box. Also a trip somewhere to relax and enjoy.