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A Great Loss

I have a heavy heart this day, the founding Pastor of Cedar Brook Church, Les Goertz passed away Feb 2nd, he fought long and hard with Cancer – now he is healed. Please pray for the Goertz Family as they walk through their loss. Les was our Pastor for almost 20 years, he will be…

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Merry Christmas From The Greaves Household

It’s Christmas Eve and we are about to enter into a time of Blessing and Family, not everyone has this luxury. We can however, adopt those less fortunate and make this time of year a time warmth & love. I charge you to Bless someone this Christmas, someone you don’t know. This year is somewhat…

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Are You Humble? – One Day You Will Be

The world we live in is filled with many that feel nothing is impossible, they are smarter than everyone else, and find it much easier to pull people down rather than build them up. As difficult as that is to admit as a people, it is also sadly true, some of us treat others poorly…

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