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What People Said

  1. 40 years ago, people said car phones were a stupid idea. After all, who would want a phone in their car?
  2. 30 years ago, people said bag phones would never catch on. After all, it’s called a CAR PHONE! It goes in your CAR! Duh!
  3. 25 years ago, people said handheld phones were pointless. Why would anyone want to put a bag phone in their briefcase? Sheesh!
  4. 20 years ago, people said flip phones were ridiculous. Why would anyone buy a phone that “small”?
  5. 15 years ago, people said texting would never take off. Because HELLO, it’s a PHONE!
  6. 10 years ago, people said mobile Internet was a fad. NOBODY will EVER want to surf the net from their PHONE!
  7. 8 years ago, people said smartphones were just a gimmick. Why would anyone want to be bogged down with their email, contacts, and mobile Internet in one device?
  8. 5 years ago, people said Android was stupid. There’s already iOS, why try to beat the king?
  9. 3 years ago, people said 4G was a con. Who needs 30 megabit over-the-air connections? My 3-4 megabit 3G is just fine by me!

Were you one of those people? How do you think about things now?

2 Responses to What People Said

  1. Owen, Thanks for writing some interesting facts. The reality is the cell phone has become an important piece of daily equipment in to days society. I often think an over used tool but that is another story. I really enjoyed you look at things.

    • Hey Rob, Hope all is well? Interesting in an amusing way, this list could be longer and funnier : ) Cell phones kill me, we are so predictable as a people, they now run our lives…even while we drive. Talk to you soon.