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What People Said

  1. 40 years ago, people said car phones were a stupid idea. After all, who would want a phone in their car?
  2. 30 years ago, people said bag phones would never catch on. After all, it’s called a CAR PHONE! It goes in your CAR! Duh!
  3. 25 years ago, people said handheld phones were pointless. Why would anyone want to put a bag phone in their briefcase? Sheesh!
  4. 20 years ago, people said flip phones were ridiculous. Why would anyone buy a phone that “small”?
  5. 15 years ago, people said texting would never take off. Because HELLO, it’s a PHONE!
  6. 10 years ago, people said mobile Internet was a fad. NOBODY will EVER want to surf the net from their PHONE!
  7. 8 years ago, people said smartphones were just a gimmick. Why would anyone want to be bogged down with their email, contacts, and mobile Internet in one device?
  8. 5 years ago, people said Android was stupid. There’s already iOS, why try to beat the king?
  9. 3 years ago, people said 4G was a con. Who needs 30 megabit over-the-air connections? My 3-4 megabit 3G is just fine by me!

Were you one of those people? How do you think about things now?

  • http://www.robertbcairns.com/ Rob Cairns

    Owen, Thanks for writing some interesting facts. The reality is the cell phone has become an important piece of daily equipment in to days society. I often think an over used tool but that is another story. I really enjoyed you look at things.

    • http://owengreaves.com/ owengreaves

      Hey Rob, Hope all is well? Interesting in an amusing way, this list could be longer and funnier : ) Cell phones kill me, we are so predictable as a people, they now run our lives…even while we drive. Talk to you soon.

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