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Futurist, Keynote Speaker & Think-Tank Leader, Author & Blogger, Strategist


Owen is Founder / CEO of Owen Greaves Consulting, advising businesses, organizations and individuals on the future of business. Creating ideas, build business models that align and support the organizations desired objectives. Helping you and your organization prepare for the coming paradigm shift. The world is coming, will you be ready?

Specifically I specialize in:

  1. The Future Of Business – Increase profits by changing the way you think about business, not as it is, as it will be. I help you create ideas that adopt the paradigm shift we all must take to realize desired business outcomes.
  2. Social Networks – I’ll teach you how to find potential new customers in social networks, to increase revenues.
  3. New Marketing Strategies – Old traditional marketing no longer entices customers to buy, you must unlearn what you know and learn new ways to reach the people formerly known as consumers.
  4. Affiliate Marketing – Everyone will eventually be an affiliate marketer of something.

To work with me, fire off an e-mail at: owen@owengreaves.com or you can contact me via snail mail or Cell Phone:

Owen Greaves
35257 McKinley Drive,
Abbotsford, B.C. V3G 1J9

Cell: 604-996-3790