What I do: I teach you how to see

Who Is Owen Greaves:

I am married (32+ years) to Lisa with two awesome son’s, Tyler & Brandon, we live in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada and have done so for the past 26+ years. We have since moved to Sardis, B.C., out in the Chilliwack area, we have surpassed 1 year in our new surroundings.

I have two major passions besides what I do here on this blog, I love to play music, and I love to help people. I believe people are the product, people are the secret sauce to almost everything in life.Without people, you will never have success.

My fav sports are Baseball, Hockey & Football (NFL). I should qualify this, my all-time favorite NFL team was the Baltimore Colts, the Johnny Unitas ERA specifically. My favorite BaseBall team was the Oakland A’s from 1967 – 1975, once Reggie Jackson left, the team sucked. I’m a Toronto Blue Jays fan now but still follow the A’s. The Vancouver Canucks are my current team to cheer for, but back in the late 60’s & most of the 70’s I was a huge Chicago Black Hawks fan. There’s much more, you should really just get to know me : )

My Current Work:

I’m a futurist, I spend my days paying attention, not for new toys and technologies, but I’m watching you, and I’m looking for changes in human behavior, shifts in how business is being done now, and in the future. I’m a strategist that helps you learn how to see, I’m here to help, that’s it that’s all. I hold workshops locally in my community, soon to be here online in the form of a webinar, my goal is to make the paradigm shift easier for you the business owner.  I don’t call myself a writer, I call myself a typist at best, I’ve written a short eBook for you  called, The New Technology – The End of Mankind? — The Beginning (free download here), Love public speaking, sharing what I see and what I find, I love to teach, and make you think. I challenge you to ask yourself one question, how many people are better off because you lived?

I also own and operate a webhosting company called Billyhost.com, I got frustrated with larger hosting companies, they just didn’t work for me, I wanted a personal approach, I want you to feel looked after. Feel free to join the Billyhost community, in fact contact Billyhost by emailing the management of the site.

I hope you like my Blog, and if I can help you please e-mail me and lets explore the future together.


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