Now many of you know I use Headway Themes here on, I’m a huge fan of the product, and the support community, it’s the best. I was going to put this on my Headway page but I thought everyone should know about this first hand, on my homepage, in your face so to speak.

I began using Headway Themes over a year ago, and I’ve met some savvy people in the Headway community, one in particular stands out, and is a young, sharp entreprenuer named Corey. Corey built a website dedicated to helping others use Headway Themes, and now Corey has gone a step further by developing a series of tutorials on video. The low cost of these video’s could possible save you hours of work. Be sure to checkout “How to build a Community Run Website with Headway Themes and Gravity Forms”. You can find these videos on

These videos will allow you to design and build effective community driven websites, there’s no need for programming knowledge, just follow Corey’s instructions….point, click, drag & drop, and SHAZZAM! Each tutorial is less than ten minutes long and contain simple instructions on how to build your community website.

You will love Corey’s gentle voice, leading you through each process, and they are simple and easy to follow, no fuss no muss. I highly recommend you get the series, Corey has wrapped it up in an easy to use package for you. Get it here.