Best Buy Canada_jpgYet another example of how the little things drive me nuts when it comes to customer service. This may not be a big deal to you but I think it is from a customer service perspective.

I had the privilege of taking a young lady out to buy a brand new Laptop, her old one decided to sleep full-time so a replacement had to be found. I took her to every computer store in my community and we also stopped at the Brand New Best Buy store, it’s only been open for a couple months. We found a cute little Mini HP, it was pink and she just loved it, had to have it. We stood around for at least 10 minutes before I finally flagged a young fella down and asked if they had this model in stock. We waited longer as he had to go back to check, then he got snagged by another customer. By this time a different sales rep asked if we needed help and I told him that guy over there was helping us but he appears to be busy. He went over and was told they did not have the computer in stock, they only had the demo available, I said no thanks I want one out of the box please. He said sorry we don’t have one and started walking away. I asked, does one of your other stores have this model in stock? His response was I don’t know, I said, can’t you call them? He said sure I can do that.

As you can see this is starting to go down hill. He left and we walked around for another few minutes, he came back and said the line was busy and he would try back in a couple minutes. No worries I said. Then 10 minutes went by and he was nowhere to be found, I went back to where we last talked to him and he came out of the stock room and I snagged him again. He said, OK I’ll try again and left us again.

A short time later he stumbled out and told us that the Langley store had three in stock. You can guess my next question, great, can you have one shipped here for us? He said, we don’t do that. WHAT! I exclaimed, your kidding right? He said I would have to drive to Langley to buy the Laptop. Stunned by this news jokingly I said thank you for nothing. The other store is 40 minutes away so we decided we would go the next day but still couldn’t believe that they won’t do a small thing like send a Mini HP Laptop to another store. Is that not supposed to be good customer service, go the extra mile and all that stuff. I know they have inter store courier service, why not put a computer with the same courier?

The next day I was still miffed, the story is, I drove to Langley and bought the Laptop. I still have to buy an external Optical Drive for this laptop, but I won’t buy it from Best Buy for fear I might have to drive to another town to get it.

Best Buy Your Customer Service Sucks!


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