Every once and awhile I write about my experiences with customer service, I tend to share more bad stories than good, but today I have good story.

This past week has been a blur for me but thats a good thing I think. July 1st was Canada’s 143rd Birthday and every year there is a huge parade in my community, and every year I do all can to avoid that parade. I don’t like crowds much, especially ones that create traffic problems, it just gets me wound up for some reason. Ya I get it, large crowds always equals traffic problems. OK, let’s get on with why I’m writing about Long & McQuade.

I belong to church here in Abbotsford, Cedar Brook Church, we decided this year that we would put a float in the Parade, we hired a new Pastor and he is working to build a higher profile for the church. A team was assembled, before we knew it, there were over 40 people helping decorate, organize and join us on the long walk down main street on July 1st, 2010.

Before all the hoopla, a few weeks earlier I went to Long & McQuade to see how much it would cost to rent speakers and a small mixer board for our float, so we could run canned music. I got a quote of $28, I said what? I can remember when I was in that business back in the day it would cost over $200! I said book it.l would say

Jump ahead to the parade, we were decorating the float at 7AM, setting up sound equipment and so on. I hooked up the speakers and CD player and was having some volume issues, I discovered there was an input / output problem and SHAZAM! as @prosperitygal would say, we had sound. But there was a problem with one of the speakers, a Tweeter was blown and it rattled like a rock in a can, it was very sad. I was able to turn off the Tweeter for the most part and run Bass only. It was too late to get the speaker replaced because Long & McQuade were closed, so we made due with one side very much lower in volume than the other.

Now under normal circumstances most people would lose a gasket and just run with speaker and then cry about it all day to anyone who would listen. We did not do that, we just ran it a low volume but ran the other side HOT, it worked out well in the end because the Judges for the parade were on the side the good speaker was on. The parade was great fun, all went well, but we haven’t heard back if we won 1st, 2nd or 3rd for the float judging : )

Today, July 2nd, I returned the gear and then shared the problem of the speaker. The clerk helping me was awesome, we hooked the speaker in question up and was able to reproduce the problem. He then looked at me and said, what do you want to do? I said what? (in shock of course) He said, what do you want to do? I threw the ball back at him and said, what are my options? They were, get my money back or he would give me a gift certificate. I said, just give me the certificate, it’s easier and faster too. The clerk went to the back room and handed my a $50 certificate, I said, this too much, I only spent $28 in the first place. He said, we’re sorry you had any kind of problems period, and we want to see you come back.

I’m still a little stunned, it’s not significant amount of money, but the thought and act was huge in my books, credibility is everything folks, remember that when dealing with people around you. Long & McQuade, you did customer service right today, we’ll be back, and we will tell many what you did today. Many Blessings on you.