You will read much about this a great deal here, and you will hear about it in many other circles, the world has yet to arrive, but when they do, an Open Economy will emerge and swarm the Internet like never before. An open economy will bring about a new way of thinking, a new way of planning, and a new way of generating revenue. Much will change and then some things will remain the same, out of fear and creativity.

One thing that will change, regardless of you or your businesses participation, customers will take charge in this open business model, they’ve already started if you haven’t noticed. In fact, you probably are seeing a shift to where the middle-man is dead, small is the new big, it’s happening because we used to succeed by controlling, and businesses are no longer in control in this open economy. Good companies will have to find things users can do in order to keep them, open things, give users more control.

Jeff Jarvis, author of , What Would Google Do? he used an example of the auto industry, wouldn’t it be interesting if one of the big auto companies would let you order a car unpainted. Then you would talk to your friend who can paint it and knows you, you could ask him to paint the car you. It could be anything that screams who you are, imagine a world where cars are painted by a persons personality. Or if you could order a car with Skype in it (my idea). Would you allow that to happen in your business? Being open is a huge shift in thinking, a paradigm shift, one filled with fear and uncertainty. One where you have to relinquish control to the user (customer), show them more than you ever thought of doing before.

In the new model, attention will be the new currency, getting attention will be central to your success. In fact, if you want to be found, you will have to be in “the public”, in the open, the model will demand it. You will place value on different indicators, you will learn the value of being involved in the conversation, with your customers, do what they are asking you to do, will you listen to them?

Here are a number shifts that are going take place, some have already begun. Taken from Gerd Leonhard’s Slide presentation:

1.) A Web-Native Business Model – the Internet (Web) will be the primary way of doing business. It’s no longer just an add-on.

2.) Shift from the Network to Networked

3.) Mobile & Social 1st

4.) Open Platforms (Google)

5.) From Control to Trust

6.) From Egosystem to Ecosystem (Collaboration will be everything for survival)

7.) From walled gardens to the Jungle (You can’t keep things behind walls and generate new money)

8.) Everything will shift to the Cloud

9.) Friction to Engagement

10.) GUI (Graphical User Interface) to NUI (Natural User Interface)

11.) Linear to Fuzzy Logic

12.) New Qualifications

13.) A Shift from Denial to Foresights

14.) Yes / No to Maybe

The world is coming, and it bringing a new way of doing business, it’s called an Open Economy, an Open & Free Business Model, will you learn it, will you embrace it?