Have you ever wondered how many people actually use the Internet? I think about it regularly, more so because I’m interested in how it impacts our online society, how it impacts commerce, and how it impacts your life, day-in and day-out. Even more interesting is how those users use the Internet, what are they looking for, what are they using the Internet for?

I don’t plan on answering all my questions in this post, but I thought I would share some numbers with you. Doing some quick research I found some interesting trends. As of June 2010, there are almost 2 Billion people using the Internet world wide, and interestingly enough, North America where I live, is a small player in all this usage. Here are a couple graphics that reflect what I”m talking about.

These two graph’s are taken from http://www.internetworldstats.com/, reflects total world users:


What these graph’s don’t show you, is how many more people have yet to use the Internet. O3BNetworks is working on bringing the other 3 Billion people online. Oh, the other 3 Billion are expected to arrive in the next 2 -3 years! Fifty Percent of O3BNetworks funding comes from Google. To give you an idea of what that might look like area wise:

So the burning question should be, what does this mean to me and my business, and secondly, how can I tap into this tidal wave of traffic?  The world isn’t even half here and I’m having trouble making things work now! As you can see things are going to get a whole lot noisier here online, filtering, aggregating and context are the three words that come to mind. That’s the work of the near future, it’s already under way.

This might give you an idea of what I do all day long, I study this stuff and keep an eye on trends, just so I can help you prepare for whats coming to the world of business in the future.

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