I was reading this morning in Walking With God and suddenly I was overwhelmed and I just had to write you and share my experience this morning. 


I woke up this morning with my heart filled with hope, because today I was to go outside for the first time in 6 days, I was going to try and drive! I have been wrestles and wanting to get mobile and do something, I’m not very patient at the best of times as you know. So I asked God, Do you want me to drive today? I listened and then a huge shooting pain hit me, yes, right where I was opened up to fix my Hernia. I took that as a NO! So I then asked if he wanted me to try and walk to the Mailbox today, I heard nothing. So, I took my shower and cleaned up as well as you can clean me up, grabbed my coat and made my way outside. What a great moment it was, I felt the sun on my face and took a deep breath, then I took my first steps. I wanted to walk in my normal way of walking but I was scared, what if I slip? Could you imagine the pain? Would I really hurt myself? As you can see a full range of emotions was racing through my head, I found myself looking for Mommy.


  I went to my car, opened the door and looked in the console. Why? I was looking for my wallet! I couldn’t find it anywhere, I knew for sure then I was not supposed to drive this day. I closed the door and looked across the valley, what a beautiful day it is for a walk I thought. I got to the end of the drive way and found myself remembering the first day I left home as a teenager, I said, well this it. Look out world here I come!


  I also found myself walking like I was a hundred years old, taking baby steps and making my way to the mailbox. There was lots of frost on the ground so I was concerned about slipping and falling, if I did I knew I would be down for sometime crying I’m sure from the pain, not from the impact but from the sudden movement and tightening of muscles and would I tear open up the incision? There’s a reason why they say 4 to 6 weeks for recovery, but I want it over in a week of course J


  I got to the mailbox with anticipation, what’s in here I wonder…Yippee No Bills! As I close the mailbox I look back towards the house and thought, I’m half way there and I didn’t fall. The commercial on TV came to mind, Help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up! I’m kind of weird at the most unusual moments but most people already know that about me…my silly switch just clicked. I walked back home without incident, it was a small victory.


  Once back inside I made a cup of tea and thanked God for the walk to the mailbox, after all, God is busy why should he take time to walk with me to the mailbox? I picked up the book once again and continued to read Walking With God….a sense of peace and humility came over me, we all need to take a walk with God no matter what we’re going through. Stop and ask him, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


  Many Blessings,



Owen Greaves, EzineArticles.com Basic Author