Since the birth of the Internet many have been trying to figure out just what it is, how big it is, I mean how big is it in terms of mankind. What is the role the Internet plays in terms of the world, maybe the universe as we know it. The question of what the Internet will look like in 50, 100 years from now looms large and is still is unanswered. The future is much easier to predict over the next 30- 50 years but 100 is a stretch, most likely we have no idea what technology will be like if we even get to live that long. With that in mind, what will Social Networks primary function be in the next 50 years?

Today we are producing content at a rapid pace, and using Social Networks to distribute it, hoping to get attention, and hoping to be recognized for providing good value. Most are trying figure out how to make a living here without the reputation of being unethical, wanting to be an honest business person and still generate income. In Social Networks it appears everyone is helping each other, building one another up, and encouraging each other to keep moving forward and to never give up. In some way these social networks behave like a church, maybe even better than, taking care of each other and speaking positive about all we come in contact with, as if we’ve known each other for years. It’s actually one of things I like about social network environments, it’s humane, it’s not about the system, it’s about people.

Almost everyone is willing to come and be together on Social Networks, see old friends, and meet new ones. It all sounds so wonderful doesn’t it? There is a dark side and we have yet to figure out what exactly it look likes and how to keep in check. I only mention it because we must keep our wits about us while chatting here faceless.

The church of the future will be more online than off, and many of the old guard will fight it, just like the music industry, they’ll fight back and try to keep control. In fact, today a new copyright law was introduced to prevent you, all of us from downloading music. I expect the copyright law will fail just as the previous document. Many question come when the idea of doing church online, sharing the gospel in a digital way. What about denomination, what happens to membership? The concept of broadcasting, streaming church services live online will become common place in the future even with the resistance of today.

The reality is, the church our Mother’s & Father’s attended, that model of church, is no longer working and a new model needs to be introduced. The new model means opening the doors up to the soon to be 5 Billion people that will take up residence here online. It won’t be enough to just stream services, but virtual churches will literally need to transform traditional church so it works online. Then the questions of, would people attend, would virtual churches survive financially? I belive they will, and they will most likely increase giving because they have opened the church doors and seeing that they to have become even more human.

Some say the Internet is evil, it’s the same statement as saying people with guns kill people, the truth is, guns kill people. The motive and heart of the people determine whether that happens or not, but that’s another story.

The Internet is changing our world(s), in such a way many are having a very difficult time trying to understand just what is happening and what it all means in the big picture. I can only say, this change is going to happen and we have to learn how to adopt. The details have yet to be worked out, but the picture is clear, the church will come here whether those today like it or not. The same applies to business owners resisting the reality that the Internet, that their business must be web-centric rather than not.

Will social networks be the new church, will they be accepted, or will they be viewed as outsiders as they are today? I like to think we are all people, we all have the same desires and frankly the same needs. If that is true, then social networks we know today will remain behaving the same way with very little change. That remains to be seen, but I can say without an hesitation, the church will be here doing the good work that they do, and I say AMEN!

NeighborhoodbbqYou frequently hear of people doing the most generous things in your community, and you can’t help wondering why it doesn’t happen more often. I think it does but we don’t hear about most of them, we hear about the high profile stuff, the things that glorify individuals or an organization. In general people think you have to be a Christian or a Missionary to do acts of kindness, you couldn’t be more wrong! I can say this because I am a Christian, but I wasn’t one for 34 years and I can tell you I have seen many great people and not so great people do things that wow you.

You’ve heard on the news of people saving lives, street people jumping into rivers to save people, those heroic people. What about, well, you and me? Just everyday folks who get up in the morning, go to work and then come home and rest up to do it all over again. These individuals are caring loving people to, they may show it in many various ways but it’s in each one of us.

Our church, or should I say some everyday people held an Oil Change for Single Mother’s behind the 7-11 store at our Church location and we had some wonderful stories come from that experience. You don’t need to be part of an organization to pull these things off, even our own neighborhood holds a BBQ in the cul-de-sac around the corner from my house each summer. We get together, get to know one another and help each other when in need.It’s about people, it’s about building relationships, it’s about making a difference in the lives around you. You’ve seen it here and you’ve seen me post in Twitter and other various Social Media Networks. How Many People Are Better Off Because You Lived?

There are many of us who are trying to translate our offline activities and bringing them here to Social Media circles, raising money for various events and organizations, building one another up and help each other. It appears it’s easier to do it online than in real life, why? Why don’t have to get up off the chair, it’s easier, less work and effort. Does that means it’s any less valuable? Less effective? Is it shallow? Does it say, I really don’t care enough to go be with you?

So I leave you with a question and I hope you will share your thoughts here with us and those who read this Blog.

Does doing Random Acts of Kindness hold the same weight and importance in Social Media Networks?

I just had to share with you an event we held today at the Immel Plaza in Abbotsford, B.C., our little church held an oil change for single mother’s in our community. The program was simple really, we had single Mother’s book in advance to get the oil changed in their car. As an added bonus we had a crew also clean the inside of the car, vacuumed, ArmorAll for polishing up the leather & dash and such, along with cleaning all the windows too. Here are a couple picture’s I snapped this morning.



Making a contribution in your community goes along way, whether it be an oil change or just a card, you can make a huge impact on someone’s life with a small random act of kindness. This applies to online as well, you are what makes the difference in people’s lives, be it positive or negative, we all make an impact on some level. What is your impact…positive or negative?

You don’t have to go to church to hold these events, build community, build trust by loving your neighbor. Many Blessings.

Firstly let me apologize for not writing lately, life has a way of taking me away from the very thing I love to do. Why is it that when we go through tough times we focus on all the wrong things? If you become unemployed, you stare at what money you have and thats where you keep your focus. So when the money gets low we go into fits of rage and panic and so on. I can share this because I have done it, I still do it! We all want to meet our obligations no matter what they are, we don’t want to feel bad or be viewed as a bad risk or be known for not keeping our word. How can we stop from being sucked into that vortex, that downward spiral of beating ourselves up and feeling immobilized by our circumstances?

Make a Checklist! Ask your self a couple of questions, they’ll feel backwards, not solving your challenges, but if you truly think about them and act on them, they will indeed take you down the road to recovery. You will be able to turn the tables and get back to feeling that you have value and you are contributing to a higher cause…that cause is you! This list is designed to help you take the focus off of you and put it on other people. I have three questions that I try work from on my checklist.

1.) Are you doing what you were meant to do? (ask people who know you well what they think you are naturally are gifted at, whats your passion?)

2.) What action have you taken to determine question #1? (start working towards your passion regardless of resources)

3.) How many people are better off because you lived? (take what you are passionate about and help other people, you will be rewarded)

It seems simplistic and most people have a very hard time taking their eyes off themselves and putting them on others. The real solution to changing your life is to invest your time and money in others, the rewards are far greater than anything you could have ever dreamed. Don’t be opportunistic by looking for opportunities in other peoples hard luck, that will work against you and only serves you. Just help others see a better way to changing where they are.

I have always tried to encourage people who come in contact with me, I tell them they can be better than they are, this is a work in progress of course and you haven’t arrived yet. Strive to be the best you you can be, truly care for others and help them when you have nothing to help them with… except you.

The Checklist can help you focus on a more higher greater good, helping others and building them up. It’s Biblical too 🙂

Many Blessings

I was reading this morning in Walking With God and suddenly I was overwhelmed and I just had to write you and share my experience this morning. 


I woke up this morning with my heart filled with hope, because today I was to go outside for the first time in 6 days, I was going to try and drive! I have been wrestles and wanting to get mobile and do something, I’m not very patient at the best of times as you know. So I asked God, Do you want me to drive today? I listened and then a huge shooting pain hit me, yes, right where I was opened up to fix my Hernia. I took that as a NO! So I then asked if he wanted me to try and walk to the Mailbox today, I heard nothing. So, I took my shower and cleaned up as well as you can clean me up, grabbed my coat and made my way outside. What a great moment it was, I felt the sun on my face and took a deep breath, then I took my first steps. I wanted to walk in my normal way of walking but I was scared, what if I slip? Could you imagine the pain? Would I really hurt myself? As you can see a full range of emotions was racing through my head, I found myself looking for Mommy.


  I went to my car, opened the door and looked in the console. Why? I was looking for my wallet! I couldn’t find it anywhere, I knew for sure then I was not supposed to drive this day. I closed the door and looked across the valley, what a beautiful day it is for a walk I thought. I got to the end of the drive way and found myself remembering the first day I left home as a teenager, I said, well this it. Look out world here I come!


  I also found myself walking like I was a hundred years old, taking baby steps and making my way to the mailbox. There was lots of frost on the ground so I was concerned about slipping and falling, if I did I knew I would be down for sometime crying I’m sure from the pain, not from the impact but from the sudden movement and tightening of muscles and would I tear open up the incision? There’s a reason why they say 4 to 6 weeks for recovery, but I want it over in a week of course J


  I got to the mailbox with anticipation, what’s in here I wonder…Yippee No Bills! As I close the mailbox I look back towards the house and thought, I’m half way there and I didn’t fall. The commercial on TV came to mind, Help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up! I’m kind of weird at the most unusual moments but most people already know that about me…my silly switch just clicked. I walked back home without incident, it was a small victory.


  Once back inside I made a cup of tea and thanked God for the walk to the mailbox, after all, God is busy why should he take time to walk with me to the mailbox? I picked up the book once again and continued to read Walking With God….a sense of peace and humility came over me, we all need to take a walk with God no matter what we’re going through. Stop and ask him, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


  Many Blessings,



Owen Greaves, Basic Author