There is a difference. With all that is changing in the world, countries considered super powers, all that they can do, one thing is certain, we can’t have both.

The fact that the NSA records 100% of all phone calls from 6 countries, and is looking to expand their reach, raises questions about privacy. Which means, we can only hope for security, one could argue that Security and Privacy are the same thing. We may be able to do some things privately, offline only, online, there is a good chance we will never have privacy again.

Security, that depends on who leaks information, leaking it in-house puts us in the out house.

The more we share, the more we give of our lives online, we risk everything, it’s like digging up evidence for a court case, we’re all making it easy to be found. Having said that, without the freedom of the Internet, and the willingness to tell stories, show who we are, I’m certain we would prefer security. Security makes us feel safe, privacy typically means we are trying to keep something unknown, the ebb and flow of human nature.

Which would you prefer, Security or Privacy?