I mentioned I have been reading alot over the holidays on building a successful blog, a successful business, or whatever else you might be building. I love to learn, but I hate the details. That means I need to build a team of solid people that can ensure the details are getting looked after, it’s in my plan. In my last rant I suggested to you that sitting still is not an option when you are building a business, a following, or even a Blog. But before you can get all wound up with busy, you have to have some sense of preparedness, or have a plan to work from. Because winging it, is really planning to fail.

I would also suggest to you that in my 52 years, I have failed (learned) more than not, from my perspective anyway. Other’s would say I’m a huge success and have my bleep together. Ya right. I’m actually very insecure and tend to over analyze, I am very calculating to the point of doing nothing sometimes. There, I feel better now, you now know my biggest weakness.

Getting back to being prepared, do you prepare for meetings, do you prepare before going outside in sub-zero temperatures, do you prepare and plan your vacation well in advance of leaving? I think you are getting my point here. The truth is, we only really prepare if its important to us, it doesn’t matter what it is, if it’s important, we prepare for it. In fact, studies have been done proving that we plan our two week vacations more than we plan any other event in our lives! That can’t be good, Gary Vaynerchuk once said, if you are working for the weekends and holidays, your crap is broken.

I play on a Worship team in my church, I handle the lead vocals, we try to practice every Friday night, when we do, Sunday goes very, very well. When we don’t practice on Friday’s, like this past week, Sunday morning looks, sounds and feels like we were under prepared. That’s what it’s like when you’re not prepared, it falls apart quickly and comes off bus league, don’t do that. A bad performance is what you get when you’re not prepared. Worse yet, embarrassment. You can’t do most things without being ready, without being prepared, so why do we try to get by without being prepared? The question is perplexing at times.

The same principle applies to Blogging, business or anything else you hope to realize a positive result. Success is not an accident, it takes time, effort, planning, and being prepared. Oh you might get lucky once, but I doubt you will be able to wing it and realize the success you want. Why is it that all the Internet Marketers sell you their plan on how to do what they did? To sell you their success system, their new Book or eBook. They went through the long process of being prepared, they had a plan long before they did anything, they prepared by doing the research, all the writing, the video’s and they worked out a system from start to finish before they launched. Those who do the work, most likely see the results they prepared for.

Do you want success or do you want the result from when you’re not prepared?