If you are like me you’ve been following the financial crisis taking place in the United States, NOT THE AMERICA(S)! Don’t misunderstand me, the America(s) are not just the US of Amercia. I  find it somewhat arrogant that the President and Americans at large feel that the area called the United States respresents all of the America’s and actually take ownership of the America(s). Yes the U.S. is the richest country in the world but they also have revealed their weakest link.

I watched a very interesting interview last night with Warren Buffet, he admits that he doesn’t pay enough taxes and that those making less than $20,000 per year pay the most on a per capita basis. Now here is a man I think should participate in finding a resolution to the financial crisis in the United States.

Now, I too have investments and I have to be honest, I’m watching like a hawk these days and I may even liquidate to ensure I have my money. The rest of the world needs to pay attention to this crisis because many if not all will see an impact. I live in canada and I can tell you we are most likely to be number two on the impact list.

Now I don’t have a crystal ball and I can’t even tell you what will happen next week but I do know ignorance is not a defence and we all must learn and figure out how to prepare or respond depending on your position financially. You may loose your job, you may loose your home and your car…ACK! Then what?

Well, take inventory, make a plan and work your plan. Something has to happen and nothing happens without a plan and finally action. Times like these is when the dark side of life shows up, many will take advanyage of those reaching out for help, misguided hope and goes down the wrong road because it sounds to good to be true.

I have started a number of small companies and have failed at many of them, the point is, do something until something works and make sure you understand your place in the market and that you indeed have customer’s that want what you are offering. There a million sources for plan development, businesses, franchises and so on, just find your place and what you feel you would be passionate about, that means you will see it through. Persistance is the glue.

I am in the same position as you may be in, I may be in a worse place, but I will do something and will not be a victim. This financial crisis will take a very long time to recover from and you get to participate in the confids of your home by doing more right things than wrong. It’s called life, it’s not always fair but you still have to participate.

What to do next? I hope to have some ideas here on what you may want to look at to change your financial situation but don’t expect me to have the answer to your problem. I’m merely looking just as you are.