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The Events Question

If you had your choice of events to attend, even a webinar online, what would you want to learn about? What would the event topic have to be to ensure your attendance? Most events cost money, to attend, and to coordinate, setup, and manage, but this event I’m talking about would be FREE!

Most of us buy books hoping to learn the secret ingredient, so we can be a leg up on our competitors. What kinds of books have you been buying, what are the topics that interest you most, and more importantly….where have you invested the most recently to learn something about what you do, or want to do.

We are willing to go to great extremes to learn how to do something, to learn that one thing that will give us permission to move forward, why do we do that, put all that pressure on ourselves? Is it because we want to be with like-minded people, belong to a mastermind group or be in a private membership so no one could figure what you’re doing. If so, stop it, now! The best thing anyone could do, is do the thing you don’t know how to do…why, to learn what works and what doesn’t. You don’t need permission, just do it! Of course you’ll fail, maybe alot, but you’ll do one thing for sure, LEARN.

But if you must attend an event, a seminar, or a webinar, do it, but make sure you put the action in after you have gotten what you went for, or paid for. I love going to events, I love being around people, but I don’t go to events that are merely giving me a warm fuzzy, that’s not good use of time. And you shouldn’t either.

The events question should always be, if I’m being honest with myself, will this event move my business forward, or is it merely a cocktail party? Don’t get me wrong, the cocktail party may give that movement forward, but only you can discern whether it’s the right event to attend.

Back to my opening question, I would like to know what type of event interests you, and what would the topic be to guarantee your attendance? Let me know by filling out the form below:

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