If you had your choice of events to attend, even a webinar online, what would you want to learn about? What would the event topic have to be to ensure your attendance? Most events cost money, to attend, and to coordinate, setup, and manage, but this event I’m talking about would be FREE!

Most of us buy books hoping to learn the secret ingredient, so we can be a leg up on our competitors. What kinds of books have you been buying, what are the topics that interest you most, and more importantly….where have you invested the most recently to learn something about what you do, or want to do.

We are willing to go to great extremes to learn how to do something, to learn that one thing that will give us permission to move forward, why do we do that, put all that pressure on ourselves? Is it because we want to be with like-minded people, belong to a mastermind group or be in a private membership so no one could figure what you’re doing. If so, stop it, now! The best thing anyone could do, is do the thing you don’t know how to do…why, to learn what works and what doesn’t. You don’t need permission, just do it! Of course you’ll fail, maybe alot, but you’ll do one thing for sure, LEARN.

But if you must attend an event, a seminar, or a webinar, do it, but make sure you put the action in after you have gotten what you went for, or paid for. I love going to events, I love being around people, but I don’t go to events that are merely giving me a warm fuzzy, that’s not good use of time. And you shouldn’t either.

The events question should always be, if I’m being honest with myself, will this event move my business forward, or is it merely a cocktail party? Don’t get me wrong, the cocktail party may give that movement forward, but only you can discern whether it’s the right event to attend.

Back to my opening question, I would like to know what type of event interests you, and what would the topic be to guarantee your attendance? Let me know by filling out the form below:

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I had the priviledge of speaking at Owen Clark’s Byzhub event last night (Tuesday Aug 17th, 2010), to a very smart group of people. The room was awesome and full, 30+ people came to here about the future of business. I have to say, if your business is not registered at the Byzhub website, you are leaving money on the table. Owen’s network of businesses hovers the 1,000 mark as of this writing, which means, you can connect and promote your business directly to those connected to Byzhub.com! Stop reading right now, go and register at http://www.byzhub.com it’s free, and you can start networking with other business looking for your products and services. It’s all about networking baby! The future of business never looked so bright, this the best speaking event I’ve had so far this year!

My chauffeur was Rick Rake of Click Media Works, and my Vanna White Escort was Danielle Knowles of Red Pencil. We rode in an awesome convertable Mustang, top down as it was smoking hot.

Rick's Mustang

If you haven’t attended a Byzhub MeetUp Event you are missing out, the best people, people you want to connect with, people that can help your business are at these events, you need to be there! So make sure you are part of Byzhub – Business Community. It’s where your business needs to be!

Here are a few pics from last night:

Thanks to all for attending, you’re all ROCK STARS in my world! And Thank you Owen Clark!

I attended a Blogger event here in my community at a pub / restaurant / night club called The Duke of Dublin, we tried to talk but the live entertainment meant we had to yell. It’s a nice facility but probably not the best place to sit and talk quietly, get to know each other and cover items like blogging. Having said that, it was still great fun to catch up with a few people I already new and of course its always fun to meet new faces to match the names on Twitter.

The two primary question’s were, do you have a Blog and do you monetize your blog? Interestingly enough everyone had a blog but not all have monetized their blog because that wasn’t the reason why they started the blog in the first place. My primary goal is to help businesses with I.T. Strategy and how to use Social Media and Social Media Networks in their businesses. I’ll admit I didn’t start out with the intent of monetizing but over time I have put up some low level ways of monetizing my blog.

Once there was a break in the music we were able to share some stories and swap business cards. If you haven’t attended a Tweet-up or a Blogging Event you should, you meet the coolest people. These aren’t the most flattering pictures but I’m posting them anyway, enjoy!

A Few of the Gang

A Few of the Gang

social-media-photosHow many times have you gone to a Conference hoping to see or hear a particular thing only to be disappointed? I’m not suggesting these Conference’s were bad and didn’t provide value, but what was it you went there for but walked away feeling like you didn’t get what you invested in? I think more conferences should be taking place to involve as many people as possible, in as many area’s as possible too! I am working on putting together a Conference in my area but I’m hoping you will tell me, what you would like to see & hear if you attended. Keep in mind we can’t please everyone and it’s possible the conference could go on for weeks with everyone’s wishes, so the list will be scrutinized to ensure we cover the HOT topics.

I am looking for your input on the topic of Social Media In Your Community, please send me an e-mail or leave your idea’s and wish list in the comments of what you would really love to see & hear at a Social Media Conference in your Community. After all, you did want to come to Canada didn’t you?