I often throw facts and figures at you when I talk about the Future of Business and other aspects of business, but I want you to give this message some thought. The future of business is not that complicated if you are indeed paying attention. In fact, you don’t have to look very far to see whats happening, try your own backyard.

People are creatures of habit, you can tell what’s going on by paying attention to the behavioural patterns of those around you. Better yet, if you really want to find out what’s going to happen, ask the under 20 generation what they want, how they plan to get it, and how they would do it. Do this next step and tell me what you see:

Drive through your community and ask yourself one question. What’s missing?

This rule has been around since the birth of man, find a need, fill a need.

So look around and figure out what need is not being met in your community, then build a plan to fill that need.

Your action items are:

1.) Take Inventory find a need not being met in your community.

2.) Take Actionbuild a plan to fill that need.

Simple advice for you to ponder. The future of business is in your hands, how complex and how big you want that business to be is up to you.

Any thoughts, please do share them.

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