These two are not the same, they don’t provide the same results, and they can’t be measured with the same metrics, apples to apples so to speak. Many people believe that online is merely taking your offline onto the Internet and expecting the same results, really? Profit is profit, whether it be online or offline, that’s true, but both online and offline require work, there is no short-cut.

There is much confusion, we are lead to believe, that making money online is actually easier, and you don’t have to work as hard, not so. The digital world is a very foggy landscape for the masses when it comes to making money online. In an ethical, human caring way. It is my opinion that the Internet Marketer’s of the world only care about your wallet, how much they can get from you. They don’t really care if they solve a problem or help you in some small way. That is a huge generalization right? Think about it, almost everything on the Internet can be brought down to a small community, just like your offline world.

You & I can only meet or interact with a small group of people in real life, you know, going out and meeting face-to-face, to do business and stuff. It took time, it took effort, it was actually hard work, and you felt like you got nothing done sometimes. Online, where do you start? You actually have to have a plan before doing the same thing as you did offline, why? You don’t know the people, when you met someone face-to-face, you probably already had a relationship with them, that took the pressure off. Online, you can’t tell who’s attention you have, or if they are even looking you in the eye. Oh the two worlds are very different, but there is one common denominator, we all seem to want the same thing. Some go about it in an underhanded way.

I like the fact that these two are different, they are only the same to me because they both have people at the end of it, and that makes it easier. Selling offline works differently than online, you would think it wouldn’t but, it just is. Online, we don’t want to work as hard, we have been sold down the river, we have been lead to believe it’s easier and less work, NOT!

I’m not trying to rain on your parade, I just want you to be realistic about what you are trying to do, you are trying to push a square peg thru a round hole, plain and simple. The online world does think differently because it believes you don’t have to work hard, just setup this and that and watch the cash pour in. Those who tried that offline didn’t make it any better than those online, it’s just different.

What is different, if you fail online, you lose nothing….offline, you can’t get away in the same manner as the online world. So don’t get sucked into the online & offline are the same game, they aren’t, they are two very different worlds, both are capable of being very cruel, and both can be very rewarding.

I prefer the online world for one reason really, I can reach out much easier, I can reach more people in seconds than I could in a lifetime doing things offline the old fashion way….face-to-face. Don’t get me wrong, I like meeting people, alot…I’m a highly relational guy so I need to be around people. But if you are anything like me, and you have a vision to reach as many business owners & entrepreneurs as you can, online does provide a better way of accomplishing that vision. The mission on the other hand takes a balance of both online & offline.

The Future Of Business is a balance of doing both, one is not easier than the other. What do you think?

Do you think it’s easier to build and run an online business?

Do you think it’s easier to build and run an offline business?

Do you think business online is the same as business offline?

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