Today there are millions of GURUS & EXPERTS out there, they tend to set fear into those who don’t understand what’s going on, and if you don’t do what they say, you’ll be out of business soon.

Firstly, it’s not true. Secondly, they don’t fully understand the impact of what they say.

Most business owners hear these GURUS & EXPERTS and still don’t understand one main thing. Why!

Social is not that complicated, people (GURUS & EXPERTS) tell you it is, and it’s even more complicated by one fact, it’s vastly misunderstood. The bigger picture of what is driving business to be social and mobile needs to be addressed, and how major changes in how business will be done in the near future needs to be better understood.
Most business owners don’t have time to pay attention to what’s changing, what’s coming, what to do about it, and why they should. If that’s you, here’s a great opportunity.

The Future Of Business Seminar, Nov 26th in Abbotsford. For information on this seminar, and how to register, just navigate to the following website, you’ll be fore warned and fully armed for the Future Of Business!

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