There’s a new business in my community, a first of it’s kind, it’s motto, “working alone sucks…”. I paid them a visit this past week and was pleasantly surprised, it’s a very clean environment, brand new in fact, with great foresight on how and where we will work in the future.

Matt Farley is one of the principles, co-founder, and he loves to tell the story of how they came to be, but more importantly, he is excited about where this company is going.

In the past I have considered opening an office, you know a bricks & mortar location, but could never bring myself to do it, the overhead was too much. With SwitchCube, it not only saves me money, I don’t have to own it or build it. I can have an office when I want, a board room, a small office, or I can do a class room environment, great for workshops. On top of that, I can serve coffee if I need it, that’s right, they even have a small kitchen facility should you need it.

Private Office with a door

Coffee Station

Board Room

Class Room







Matt says, this is just the beginning, we will offer bigger and better office space should the need present itself. Who would use this great facility, Real Estate Agents, Financial Advisers, Independent Contractors of all sorts, pretty much any self-employed individual who has a need for an office, whether it be for just a few hours, all day, and or longer. It’s a great place to have an off-site meeting with staff, no distractions. Telecommuting has been around a while, but office sharing is a new concept for this community.

I suggest you drop in and have a chat with Matt and his crew to discover how you might use this great new service.

I highly recommend them, here is their contact information:


1B – 33820 S. Fraser Way,
Abbotsford, B.C.

Ph: 778 – 809 – 4577
Matt’s E-Mail:



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Today there are millions of GURUS & EXPERTS out there, they tend to set fear into those who don’t understand what’s going on, and if you don’t do what they say, you’ll be out of business soon.

Firstly, it’s not true. Secondly, they don’t fully understand the impact of what they say.

Most business owners hear these GURUS & EXPERTS and still don’t understand one main thing. Why!

Social is not that complicated, people (GURUS & EXPERTS) tell you it is, and it’s even more complicated by one fact, it’s vastly misunderstood. The bigger picture of what is driving business to be social and mobile needs to be addressed, and how major changes in how business will be done in the near future needs to be better understood.
Most business owners don’t have time to pay attention to what’s changing, what’s coming, what to do about it, and why they should. If that’s you, here’s a great opportunity.

The Future Of Business Seminar, Nov 26th in Abbotsford. For information on this seminar, and how to register, just navigate to the following website, you’ll be fore warned and fully armed for the Future Of Business!

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The story of a 9 year old boy collecting food for the Kamloops Food Bank because someone burned the storage facility to the ground, is a Noble work, admirable even, but why hasn’t the city and or the community stepped up? Why should a 9 year old have to show the rest of the town what should be done by us grown ups?

If we all believe we are supposed help your neighbor, feed & clothe the poor, what are we waiting for, a 9 year old to step up? As you can sense by my language I’m a little annoyed that no one else has come forward to help the Kamloops Food Bank.

So with that in mind, I’m going to invite you to support your local food bank. On August 31st, I am holding a TweetUp at the Roasted Grape in Abbotsford from 4PM – 7PM. This will be a fund raiser in the form of food, so bring a non-perishable food item to donate to the Abbotsford Food Bank. So if you’re local to Abbotsford (less than 2 hours away) stop in and meet great people, and help those in need.

I hope you will step up and support those in need by supporting your local food bank, next time you are shopping for food, buy something extra and take it to your local food bank. It’s, a small thing, but you will make the world a better place for someone struggling to find a meal.


On August 31st, the TweetUp is at the Roasted Grape in Abbotsford from 4PM – 7PM. The Roasted Grape is located on the corner of Montrose & Fraser Way in the OLD Bank Of Montreal building in Abbotsford.

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The Future Of Business


September 26th – 6PM


With Owen Greaves


Special Guest Rick Rake

The internet has changed the way the world does business;
But will it ever stop changing?

Change is constant and the electronic age has served merely to speed up the rate and size of change. If you are in business, or are planning to start a business, understanding how the online world changes everything will position you not only ahead of your competitors, but as a trustworthy ally to customers. Owen Greaves will guide you to understanding the Future of Business.

What you can expect in the Future of Business:
  • Move out of your comfort zone to understand how the world of business is changing
  • Experience a journey to find your passion and learn “what now”
  • Understand how you can give away valuable content, free, while still earning revenue
  • Look at your business concept from a new perspective, in a way that will set you free!
The Future of Business Workshop is more than social media, the Internet or the world online; it’s about looking at business differently and fighting for your Businesses Survival. Together with Owen, you will see the Future Of Business and will apply that knowledge to create new ways of embracing the future in your business.

A workbook will be provided to each participant in the 2 – 4 hour workshop to encourage home study and application of the concepts presented.

What you will learn in this Engaging Workshop: Your Investment: $99 Per Person till Sept 23rd
Reg Price: $149.00 after Sept 23rd, 2011
  • Look at the 7 elements of building a clear vision
  • Learn how to listen in social networks Like Twitter, FaceBook and Google
  • See how you can find potential customers In social networks
  • Learn what content should be given away
  • Determine your CORE content
  • Identify revenue streams
  • See where and how to advertise online
  • Learn how to get your content MOBILE
  • Explore how to get your content published on Amazon
  • Find 8 ways to increase your blog traffic

Who is Owen Greaves?
Owen Greaves lives in beautiful Abbotsford, British Columbia; he is a Futurist, Thought-Leader, Keynote Speaker, Think-Tank Leader, Author, Blogger, and Strategist. He has spent countless hours exploring and understanding what the next 3 to 5 years will bring and applies the vision of reaching out and teaching this model to business people eager to listen and learn. Owen is a man who loves making the paradigm shift around media and commerce to the Internet less painful.
Location:Sandman Inn, Abbotsford, B.C.
To Reserve Your Seat, Contact:

It was a most beautiful day on Mill Lake this past Sunday (May 1st, 2011), the sky was clear and the lake was calm as it hosted the 2011 Walk For Kids Help Phone Fund Raiser. Two laps around Mill Lake on a sunny beautiful morning was in order, a great day to help the kids in our area. Last year it rained, it was miserable but we had a great time regardless.

This year there were more sponsors, and I would like to thank them all; Envision Financial, Owen Greaves (Emcee), The Abbotsford Heat, The News, Fraser Valley Pulse, Galaxy Bowl, Kal Tire, SAVE-ON Foods, 100.5 Peak Radio, The Yummy Mummy Club, Abbotsford Police Department, M & M Meats, Butterfly Treats and it was all topped off with the talented Emily Taylor Adams.

Emily Taylor Adams also donated 50% of CD sales at the event and her stand against kids bullying, she was our official cake cutter too, and she played and sang all morning long. If you don’t know who she is just yet, you can see her perform at the Cloverdale Rodeo, and she will be at GABBY’s Country Club in Langley on May 29th raising funds for Cancer. M & M Meats cooked Hot Dogs for everyone, there was coffee, water, oranges and other refreshments as well. Eileen Fisher coordinates this event every year, and does an amazing job, it’s always a treat to work with her.

I should mention his Worship Mayor George Peary, and his lovely wife made the walk , it was one of three walks they were taking part in Sunday Morning. Thank you for coming. Joyful George and Dilly the Clown were on hand, and there was lots of face-painting going on too. A handful of local mascots were on hand, Joyful George, Dilly & Hawkey, they paired up with a few of the kids and ran a 3 legged race, fun was had by all.

Next year this event will take place on May 6th, 2012. It’s the first Sunday of May each year, this is a fun event for the whole family to attend and take part in, put that date on your calendar. If you want more information on the Walk For Kids Help Phone, contact Eileen Fisher in the Fraser Valley or visit the website:

There are many ways to get involved, you can participate, donate, volunteer and or sponsor the event. It’s a great way to ensure the kids have help when under attack or not, make a donation to ensure the service continues.

100.5 Peak Radio was on hand, along side of the Abbotsford Police Department! Thank you for being there.

This is the 2nd year of this event and it’s growing, and it will continue to grow with your participation, and we thank the many who helped make this years event a success. Not only can you make a difference, you also enjoy the process, a good time was had by all, until next year.

Many Blessings