chainsThere is one thing that immobilizes me that is really puzzling, a commitment or misplaced loyalty to the wrong thing. I recently discovered that I was unable to articulate how I was feeling for many months, until yesterday (Friday Feb 27th, 2009 my parents 52nd Wedding Anniversary date), the feeling of feeling trapped, unable to break free of this overwhelming feeling of obligation. For some this is easy to deal with and yet for me I struggled with what I was sensing, I was not doing what I should be doing and I was doing it for the wrong reasons. I can’t go into details but I can tell you I was participating in a way that kept me from being truly effective in my consulting practice.

What keeps you feeling trapped, how can you break free from it and what will you do if you could break free? The questions are many aren’t they? I know this, once I made the decision and sent the message I was resigning from the Board and would not be participating in a new business start up, I suddenly felt like I broke free to live. I broke free of feeling I wasn’t doing the job I should have been doing and I couldn’t do what I really felt passionate about, What a great day! I am now wondering down a new path and can’t wait to see what lay’s before me.

So Break Free and Live! Don’t do something you know deep inside you shouldn’t be doing, set yourself free to do the work you are truly passionate about. It sounds easy but it isn’t, think things through and make sure what you are feeling is accurate and not just you being emotional. Seek the counsel of those you respect and know you to help you process those emotions, you will blessed by them many times over as they express to there insight.

Break Free and Live! You only have one life to live, make it the life you’re suppossed to live.