I have a heavy heart this day, the founding Pastor of Cedar Brook Church, Les Goertz passed away Feb 2nd, he fought long and hard with Cancer – now he is healed. Please pray for the Goertz Family as they walk through their loss. Les was our Pastor for almost 20 years, he will be missed by so so many.

Les Goertz

It’s Christmas Eve and we are about to enter into a time of Blessing and Family, not everyone has this luxury. We can however, adopt those less fortunate and make this time of year a time warmth & love. I charge you to Bless someone this Christmas, someone you don’t know.

This year is somewhat sombre for me, I have struggled more this year than ever with missing my Father, he left us Dec 11th, 1998, Cancer took what life had left. Christmas was his favorite time of year, he would go overboard with decorating the house, and he made sure we had at least 5 or 6 presents for each of three kids. My Father always made sure those around him felt encouraged and watched over, he always helped someone, and he always made sure Christmas was special for everyone.

You’ve read it here many times, and if you’ve heard me speak, you know my war cry:

How Many People Are Better Off Because You Lived?

I pray this message finds you well and that 2010 will be a great year for you & your family.

So, from the Greaves Household, Merry Christmas & may 2011 Be The Best Year Yet!

The world we live in is filled with many that feel nothing is impossible, they are smarter than everyone else, and find it much easier to pull people down rather than build them up. As difficult as that is to admit as a people, it is also sadly true, some of us treat others poorly in order to make ourselves look better and feel good. We couldn’t be more worng. You are probably wondering why I’m writing about this.

If you have ever lost a close family member to any kind of illness or sudden death, you know where I’m headed. My next door neighbor is about to lose her younger sister to Cancer, the Cancer is literally eating her sister alive every living minute. It is terminal, there are no pallitive beds available so she is in general ward. I find myself reliving the loss of my Father 11 years ago, my Dad still felt he was going to out work the Cancer, and that because he was smart he would beat it. I told my Father, this thing called Cancer will humble you like you have never been before, it will strip you of every decency you’ve known. Cancer plays no favorites and reduces you (us) to our lowest possible form.

You may think you’re ten feet tall and bullet proof today, but one day, you will be brought to your knees begging for help, longing for the pain &  embarrassment to be taken from you. I have learned that being smug, treating people like something stuck on your shoe, having status and money is the beginning of the fall to humility. It will happen, if not tomorrow, on your death bed.

I urge you to love more, give more grace and help those you come into contact with, they will be the legacy you are so desperately trying to build and leave behind. Stop chasing the wrong things and invest your time wisely. You can do this by removing self from the equation, serve all those around you, humility will take you farther than any other form of self-sufficent thinking could ever do for you. Be humble, the world will know you made a meaningful impact on those around you. Be an encourager, lift people up, build one another up and above all, love your neighbor as you love yourself. Ask yourself with all honesty, Are You Humble? If not, I promise you, one day you will be.

Many Blessings,