The question was raised to me today, do I give disclosure on products and services I promote and or sell? I said yes, well I try too, if there is an affiliate link in a post, I usually put in brackets beside the link like the following: (Affliate Link) Unless it’s a graphic advertisment on the sidebar you should see the disclaimer. Is that giving disclosure, or is it a warning? It really doesn’t matter, I will not promote something I don’t believe brings value, if I don’t believe it’s any good, how will I convince you it is?

Now my understanding is that in the mighty US of A you now must give disclosure, I’m Canadian and that particular law does not apply (YET!). Yes, it will eventually make it’s enforcement here in Canada but as of this writing it has not been put into action.

Anyway, I have decided to go a step further and post on a seperate page my disclosure on all affilaite relationships currently in place with Owen Greaves Consulting. You will find it under the About Owen Greaves menu item, and it’s called Disclosure. (not an affiliate link)

I hope this will suffice all the ney say’rs out there.