newadvert-270x104Are you looking for webhosting? I’m not sure it’s talked about around the dinner table, but at some point, if you’re a blogger, a business owner, or a web designer…the list goes on, you will want a website, and you have to find a hosting company to put that website. I started a webhosting company in July 2007 called, mostly because I was frustrated with the BIG hosting companies. I won’t go into details; just to say…even the big boys have downtime, and stuff breaks, but I haven’t had downtime with my current Data Center here in Canada.

Having said that, most problems come from growing that kind of business much too fast, when it grows faster than the support team can keep up with, or worst yet, when the system administrators can fix problems fast enough, service eventually suffers. You can ask friends and neighbours, even better….other business owners who they use, and what their experience has been like with company XYZ.

I’ve kept my hosting company small, mostly friends and clients, that to has it’s drawbacks, but mostly it’s an awesome experience serving and supporting good people. I’m grateful, the clients I have to date have been with my company called Billyhost since the beginning. I love solving the webhosting problem for the little guy, even the big guy…there is great reward in providing the best service possible, that one can offer on a personal level.

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If you’re looking for webhosting, I urge you to go to – now and then, a special takes place, March is going to be a fun promotional month. Billyhost is offering 2 Months FREE Webhosting for new customers – there are three hosting plans to choose from, and they all qualify for the 2 Month Promotion. You need the Promotion Code….here it is 2MTHSFREE – it’s a 12 month commitment, no refunds, you must use all 12 months. Those are the conditions of the promotion, so make sure you read them when you are ordering, just before you CHECKOUT, there is a link to see them.

Billyhost offers cPanel for website management, there is basically one click WordPress Installation, and there are many, many cool tools and software programs in Fantastico 3 – over 600 of them, FREE!!!!!! Yep, it’s included in your hosting plan. Billyhost also offers a

WordPress Support Service

Billyhost will make sure all things WordPress go well for you! Billyhost will install WordPress if it is not already installed. Every month, Billyhost will ensure all updates and security patches for WordPress are installed. We will backup your WordPress content, and will ensure all plugins are patched and up to date when they are released. This service / rate is on a per WordPress install. ($25.00 USD Monthly)

The above is optional, so you don’t have to buy the service. But it’s nice to know if you find you don’t have the time, or know how to do it.

Yes this is a self-serving Blog Post, but I want to make sure you have a positive experience with webhosting.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and the team at Billyhost:



Let’s first ask the question, ” What Is A Brand?”.


It’s not a Logo , it’s not a Name….a brand is a series of expectations that people have of your product or service, based on the promises you’ve made.

Using that as the definition of a brand, answering the question of what happened to Target’s Brand in Canada, it was broken from the moment they opened their doors. They didn’t keep their promises, lower prices, more selection, and so on.

They broke their promises, and now they are closing 133 stores in Canada….why? Because you didn’t trust them when they said they would make good on their promises. You had a bad experience with Target Canada.

So what’s your businesses Brand? Have you gone the traditional Industrial Age way of thinking, where your brand is a logo or a name, and don’t really care, or have you decided to give your market positive experiences, based on the promises you kept, reflecting how much you do care. The later is the new connected business model, it’s open & it’s free….The Open & Free Business Model.


So here it is, its Wednesday March 12th, 2014, a beautiful sunny day here on the west coast of Canada. I fetched my snail mail this afternoon, I opened an envelope addressed to me. No, it wasn’t bills or bad news, it was…well, I wasn’t sure what to think. Most of the world knows who Mayor Rob Ford is, if you don’t know who he is, he is the Mayor of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He has admitted to smoking crack cocaine, and is a binge drinker, along with host of other issues. There’s a much deeper story, but I don’t have the time, the patience, or the space to write it.

So, in the mail today I got a direct mail piece, they used Send Out Cards (, so, a card, I have never done business with them before, or know anyone who works for them, so they’re soliciting via the shotgun approach. This card was from a financial firm in British Columbia, getting the card was fine, but what was on the cover….well…. rather than me say it, I’ll show you:


Now I understand what they’re trying to do, but I felt like they were going for the cheap humor, potty jokes. The question, “What do employee benefit renewals and elections have in common?”gets lost in seeing Mayor Rob Ford’s picture to me. Call it shock marketing, hoping the negative will be a positive conversion experience. The sell inside the card, I removed the company name & phone number. Here’s the inside message:


Would you consider this a good direct mail piece, would you use the picture of Mayor Rob Ford as your cover, is this a good marketing idea or bad? Would you do business with this company? What is your gut reaction, impressions? Remember, perception is everything.

This question is usually saved for trips with your kids, they’re stuck in the back seat, yelling, “Are we there yet?” or “What’s taking so long”. Those who have traveled with children know exactly what I’m talking about.

Some 20 years ago, many of us thought commerce and the Internet would have a stranglehold on business and it would change how we live. In some way’s it does, but in many, not so much. Those over the age of 30 can’t seem to let go of the Industrial Age, it’s what we know. We got comfortable being told what to do, how to do it, and waited until someone gave us orders. The combination of fear and change keeps us there, we love control, and we like things just as they are, right?

Roughly 3 or 4 years ago I was telling you that 60% of all commerce would be done online, we haven’t hit that number just yet, but it’s getting close. We’ve almost hit 60% in Canada though. I also shared that 70% of the Fortune 1000 companies would either be gone, changed its name, or completely re-invented themselves. That’s true, but there is a long way to go. Why? We don’t know how to change that fast, we have trouble letting go of what we know and trust. We still think the government will look after us, that we don’t have to teach younger generations a new in this connect economy we find ourselves in.

What appeared to be a locomotive running out of control, was merely a bright light, but make no mistake, that locomotive is getting closer, and moving faster and faster. As the younger generations re-write the business rules, those hanging on to old practices and set in your ways thinking, will more likely conform to the connection economy, just you did with the Industrial Age way of working. Eventually, we adapt…..or we die.

The question shouldn’t be, what’s taking so long? The question should be, what am I going to do to make sure I’m still in business when that day comes, when what’s taking so long arrives.


Why do we keep trying to land jobs the way we always have, submit a résumé, wait by the phone, hoping someone will call. It’s a nice idea, but not good use ones time, especially if you’re desperate to make ends meet. Sure you could collect Unemployment Insurance (in Canada), that takes at least 6 weeks to get, it might be called something different where you live. But these social programs rarely pay all the bills, and you don’t get them the day you need it, they might help or buy you some time, but it doesn’t get you out of the hole your in.

Times have changed dramatically, for me, when I was a young teenager, there were no computers, not for public consumption anyway. We had no choice but to pound the pavement to find our dream job(s). It sounds weird when I say it like that, it was the only way to find work back in my day. Sure you might have a friend of a friend, who knows someone who knows someone else to help you land your dream job. Who invented the saying, “Dream Job”? It sounds great doesn’t it, utopia! The term dream job means that you love what you’re doing, in my humble opinion. You could get hired into it, if you’re lucky, or you could invent it, which is most likely to happen today and for sure in the future. The future of business is just that, innovation, you will invent, innovate your job, your work, a way to pay the bills, get used to the idea, you won’t have a choice. The day of getting full-time work is gone, those full-time gigs are few today.

So, instead of waiting to be picked from a pile of resumes, but do submit to help your cause, but don’t sit around, go and invent your ideal job while you wait. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll discover your dream job, and it could more than pay the bills.