I have been a technology man for over twenty years and it still amazes me how many people are afraid of computers. Worse yet are unable to learn about them because of fear, no time and so on. Whatever the excuse is, it will work is what I say.

I love to help people with there computers, I love seeing the lights turn on when they figure out they really can’t break anything that can’t be fixed! When they learn something new and they can keep on using the computer they spent so much money on. The fear of loss is a very powerful thing and it’s this very fear that many take advantage of in the computer industry.

I don’t run around looking for computers to fix, but I do look for people who want to learn about that box that scares them half to death. Helping others to understand that everything will be ok no matter what they do is my greatest joy. Really, if you lost all your data, would life end right there on the spot? Probably not, in fact you would find another way to get things done or you would just get the problem solved. It’s all attitude isn’t it?

I recently had a complete crash of my hard drive, I laughed and re-installed, loaded my data from a DVD backup I made and I was back to normal in a couple days. Thinking ahead, backing up your critical data and having legit (legal) software disks to re-load applications is what you need to have to recover quickly.

Having said that, most people don’t backup their information, e-mail, contacts and so on. Why? I don’t know, it seems logical that everyone would do it but they don’t. It boils down to, do they know how? many won’t ask for fear of looking stupid, how dumb do you look when the crash hits. I’m just say’in!

Live life in such a way that others will call you again and again. How you ask? Well, ask yourself one question, how many people are better off because you lived?

There it is, being involved in your community, your church, your neighbourhood, volunteer groups will find you opportunities to do just that.

You might say it’s the same as having a servant heart, willing to give rather than receive, to help rather than not. The golden rule comes to mind here.

Knowing how to solve a problem is gold, you can help so many. I happen to be a technology man who likes to help the technically challenged. What are you and how do you help others? I would love to hear what you do.

Until next time.