fruit_of_the_spiritYou’ve heard of the fruit of the spirit, well guess what, they translate very well here in Marketing and Social Media environments. Personally, this is exactly how you should live and practice offline and online. I guarantee you, if you use the fruit of the Social Media your experience here will be something to be hold. The results will be a more open, loving, transparent person that will always give back to everyone who comes in contact with you. Sound familiar? What do you think everyone is saying when they say be open and transparent? Today’s marketing world and Social Media Networks don’t and won’t tolerate anything less, we were taught this over 2,000 years ago, too bad we are just starting to practice the following:

The Fruit Of The Social Media

1.) Love

2.) Joy

3.) Peace

4.) Patience

5.) Kindness

6.) Goodness

7.) Faithfulness

8.) Gentleness

9.) Self-Control

How could you go wrong practicing the fruit of the Social Media? Try it, no….do it, you’ll be transformed and renewed!