RIP Social Media – you’ve become mainstream media – what was unique & useful, has become another traditional advertising channel : (

I think the Term “Social Media” or “Social Marketer” will go away eventually, we’ll call them something else – mostly because social networks are so homogenized and embedded now. Teaching Social media is really no different than teaching someone how to use the telephone, eventually…everyone will just communicate thru everything (IOT) in the matrix of The Internet Of Things.

What say you?

Back in 2008 Twitter was on fire, I was getting over 100 new followers a day, it was insane and fun! I would spend hours talking to people all over the world, it was so exciting, it was great to just sit and talk to people. You could be heard, you were easily found, it was a great way to build your business, for FREE! FaceBook was also new and an interesting place to be, you could be easily heard there as well. So what happened?

Today, almost every social network has become a megaphone, a yelling channel, a place to simply regurgitate content, a spewing of highly repetitive news bits. The louder you yell, the noisier it gets, the more crap you post, the crappier social networks become.

The biggest change, the social networks have changed their algorithms to reward paid content, the paying advertisers. I don’t have a problem with that strategy, that’s free enterprise. So how do those who can’t afford those promoted / advertising rates, it can spin out of control quickly if you don’t know what you’re doing.

What used to be the wild west has become a pay wall in a near zero marginal cost society, this is not a good thing for everyone. NET Neutrality is similar in that we the people are fighting tooth and nail to keep the Internet open and somewhat free. The big cable companies and ISP’s want to control what you can see and do….the social networks are acting similar in that you can be found and heard if they allow it, if you pay for it.

Social networks are not acting in the best interest of the people…and they shouldn’t I guess, they started for many reasons, the biggest was to earn large amounts of money. I’m not convinced money was the main motivator, but money is a powerful illusion, we honestly believe we’ll be happier with more money, in most cases that’s not true.

So what happened to social media networks? Why are they making it harder and harder to be found and heard? And why do we feel we just have to be there? I guess we drank the social media kool-aid, it taste’s too good.

My message to you, stop wasting so much time Tweeting, Updating and posting noise….stop and go do work that matters, make the world a better place, go change lives. Go and teach someone to do something they never thought they could do, something that improves another’s day, maybe their life. Unless you have a job that can afford to spend the time and money to maximize social network advertising, you’re hiding, you’re not doing work that matters.

I challenge you to think back when you first signed up to a social network, and ask yourself what happened to social media networks since you joined the masses.

How much time do you invest in Social Media Networks? Is it good use of your time? What are you hiding from that could make your life better, maybe even more money? I urge you, stop….stop hiding, someone needs your help.

Today I ask the question:

“Do you prefer comments on a Blog, or conversations on FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other Social Networks?”

I prefer Blogs, I like to keep the conversations here, not spread over multiple Social networks, at least here everything is self-contained. It’s easier to pull together smart thinking when all the comments and thinking are in one site when a question is posed. Now, having said that, you’ll notice this Blog doesn’t get many comments, maybe my content just isn’t interesting, or people just don’t agree and don’t take the time to let me know. It matters not, this is my space, it’s also a space for people who are interested, like-minded if you will, in my research, my point of view, my perspective, my foresight…it gets cataloged here on this Blog.

Now, I can’t control where you want to talk about my ideas, my blog posts, I just go where you are….when I have the time. The easiest way to get my writing…sign-up for my updates, then it hits the Inbox, that’s where we can have real in-depth conversations.

I understand it’s easier to comment on a Social Network, I publish to Social Networks with the hopes you will come here, at least then you might look around, read more and get exposed to more of my ideas and thoughts.

So if you aren’t commenting here, you may have already answered my question, or maybe…you never thought about it before. Never the less, feel free to comment here, I would love to get your view on the topic.

Do you prefer Blogs Or Social Networks?

olivierblanchardI’m not sure why, but it appears to me, those who teach Social Media are really just teaching people how to use the telephone. Eventually, people talk, and figure things out, SM is not that big a mystery. What is a mystery, is how Social Media Guru’s / Experts don’t agree on the Social Media ROI or what they report to clients. Most report the wrong information, and sometimes….it’s reported on purpose. Social Media GURU’s / Experts, this is for you, and for those wanting to learn, some insight from a real professional.

One of my Favorite quotes from the Social Media ROI book by Olivier Blanchard is:

A Social Media Program Manager who only reports on “social media numbers” is just being lazy. Always keep your eye on the business objectives that your social media program is there to support.

– Gaining real-time insights into consumer preferences and perceptions

– Improving the organization’s crisis monitoring and response process

– Increasing the reach of marketing efforts

– Increasing the impact of marketing efforts

– Reducing customer service costs

– Improving customer service outcomes

– Amplifying a campaign’s impact

– Increasing sales through frequency, reach and yield (FRY) methodologies

– Humanizing or otherwise improving the organization’s image in the eyes of consumers

– Helping reverse an event’s negative impact to the brand (such as PR faux-pas, an ecological catastrophe, or an interruption of service)

– Improving customer relations to help increase customer loyalty

If you must report on typical social media metrics such as net new followers, views, likes, subscriptions, mentions, comments, visits, shares, and re-tweets, do so in context.

If you want the book, and I highly recommend it, go here —

I don’t get a kick back, but I do get a name mention in the book, see if you can find it : ) – just buy it, and practice what Olivier preaches.

End of rant : )

It amazes me how many business owners and entrepreneurs write off the power of the Internet, the value people in Social Networks can bring to a business, it’s astounding! Too many spend far to much time complicating something that is as simple as the telephone. The GURUS & EXPERTS would have you believe it’s hard and complicated, you better spend thousands to figure it out. I’m not suggesting you should get help, or even pay for that help, but do some diligence before hiring the snake oil salesperson.

Yes there are parts of the Internet that require and investment, you will invest time, you will invest money, but you should invest first in the plan. More importantly, you should have a clear understanding of why. I don’t teach people how to do this badly named thing called Social Media, how to setup an account and so on. I show you why you should pay attention to these networks, why you should investigate the game changer, the Internet. Why is everything. If you knew what I know, if you could see what I see, you would be concerned. Why, because everything you think you know about business and how it’s being done won’t work in the next 5 – 10 years.

Too many spend ten minutes using Twitter or Facebook, then cry foul that it doesn’t work, you / they…are the tire kickers, they don’t respect the digital shift. They don’t know why they are kicking the tires, they got told or sold a bill of goods, or worse yet thought they could figure it out on their own.

Business owners / Entrepreneurs that take their business seriously don’t use Hotmail, Yahoo mail, Google’s Gmail, they are where the hackers and spammers live. Many businesses reject email from these carriers because of attempts of fraud! You are asking for trouble if those are your primary email carriers, especially if you take orders on your site and allow those email addresses. I can speak intelligently on this topic, I get attacks or attempted fraud orders everyday from these email domains.

Many merely poke a stick at the Internet thinking it’s easy and it will make them rich over nite, you’re wrong! It takes time, it takes a plan, it takes a well thoughtout marketing strategy, and then near flawless execution. Anything less means you are probably a tire kicker. Check your pulse, and be even more concerned about who you take your advice from, your business deserves it.

There is a reason why the upper percentile is considered rich or even lucky, they for the most part, respect themselves and their business. Of course I’m talking about legal, legit….not crooked business dealings, businesses with integrity, businesses that understand you the customer is everything. It’s not all one sided, it’s a two-way street, the business owner also counts on you having integrity, and is honest with them.

Unless you are willing to invest properly in using the Internet / Social Networks, don’t waste your time, more importantly, don’t waste the time of those who work hard to teach you, who try to guide you, those who respect their business. Don’t be that person, don’t be a tire kicker in everything you say & do. Don’t waste people’s time, including your own.

The Future Of Business has changed, it’s always in a state of FLUX, are you investing or tire kicking?



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