Let’s see, I woke up at 8:30AM, that’s unusual by itself as I’m normally up much earlier. I obviously had to clean up because I was about to venture out among the people. I have to admit though, I was dang tired and I didn’t really want to go anywhere, but was very happy I did.

My first stop was at a great little coffee shop, Clayburn Gourmet Gallery, had a London Fog and a nice visit with Kimberly (she owns the business). I then paid a visit to my church, said Hi and visited a short while. From there I made my way to a local restaurant called the Greek Island, I met a long time friend for lunch, Richard Lindfield. He had the lamb and I had schnitzel, well something like it. I had to eat and run, I felt bad because I really wanted to spend more time with Richard, but a funeral was next on my agenda.

Here I am at Central Heights Church for a memorial service, or funeral, for Leslie Buhler. Leslie (a man) spend his youth in the mission fields of India, he was born in 1924. You’re asking yourself how I know him, a story then….

In 1993 Lisa & I moved our family to Abbotsford from Penticton, B.C, we were taken to a church by our Pastor at the time, the church is called Central Heights. One of the very first few people we met were the Buhler’s, Leslie’s oldest son Tim became my very first Bible Study leader. And with all good bible study groups, you get taken in, looked after, and cared for. We were immediately grafted into the Buhler family, we attend all the Buhler family functions, Leslie was a fun man to be around, his stories were amazing. I have met many great men in my life, Leslie I am proud to say is one of the greatest. He was a man if integrity, I can’t say that about many people, but if you look up the word in the dictionary, you’ll see his picture. Oh and he wrote a book of his life in India, can’t wait to read it.

That’s the short version of the story, of we came to know Leslie Buhler. Attending his memorial was more like a family reunion, we knew almost everyone there, the place was packed….it should be, it’s a big family now! The food was interesting, yep….India….everywhere you saw food from India. I’m not huge fan, but there was fruit : )

After visiting with the family and sharing stories, Lisa & I headed home. Once we got home, and it’s normal for us, she goes upstairs and I head to my office : ) After checking mail, voice mail, and so on….there were lots of Happy Birthday wishes for me on all the Social Networks, and I’m grateful. Lisa informed me there is a Birthday present for me on the kitchen table, I was curious and surprised actually. I went upstairs to find a bag filled with the usual stuffing, in it was season 1 & 2 of Downton Abby! First I laughed out loud, then I asked, are sure this is for me? You see, just the night before we were talking about the show and how we could never find on any channel, I suggested we should buy the DVD for Christmas. Obviously a last minute shopper : )

It’s 5PM now, Lisa is teaching piano to 5 or 6 kids, then at 7:30PM we’ll figure out what’s for supper…maybe after supper we’ll watch Downton Abbey : ) We are planning an evening out later in the week to celebrate in a more formal way, but good just lying low at home with my Lisa.

So that’s been my day, one I won’t forget because Leslie Buhler & I are celebrating a day of victory!

Forgive my abscence in posting this past week or so, I request that you keep us in your prayers as my father-In-Law passed away Nov 3rd at 8:15AM. The family is currently preparing a service, and I am serving where ever they need me.

I apreciate your patience and understanding, I will be posting more of my findings and rants soon.

Many Blessings,

Owen Greaves

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