All you have to do is look around and almost everyone has a device in their ear, they’re either taking, texting, surfing or writing email. It’s not rocket science really, we are a mobile society, and we are getting more mobile by the minute. One of the challenges as I see it, how to get all this mobile technology into our natural way of living, to integrate it with everything we wear and everything we use. Ray Kurzweil is convinced that we will merge with technology someday, it will be in us rather than something we have to hold in our hands. Blue-tooth was supposed to be the beginning of the merge, but it’s cumbersome and still for the most part, FAILWHALE!

The traditional way we search has changed, you just have to run Google Goggles, point your mobile device video camera, take a picture,  and it will auto-search for you. With the advancement of GEO Location you know longer need to carry a whack of tourist books to read about all the hot spots to visit on your vacation. Just run WikiTude and point your mobile device camera and read, here’s a demo:

Soon these technologies will be embedded in eye care, Bionic Contact Lenses, in the next 20 – 30 years or earlier, we will merge and become wireless devices. Ray Kurzweil has been predicting this for years, and we are now closer than ever to seeing the first generation.

Technology is changing very quickly, and much is being done to bring us closer to the Singularity, nanotechnology and stem cell research is already delivering low level experiments that prove we can merge and accept the technology within us.

The future of technology is integration, integration into everything, including humans. Someday in the not to far off future we will see the first Android, no not the phone, the artificial human. The next generation?

I’ll keep watching and sharing, but it raises many questions that can’t be answered. I keep wondering when these technologies are going to actually save us time, and make our lifes richer.

Until then, we still have to come together, collaborate and develop great new ideas on how to make technology solve problems like seamless commerce, simple toll booths, and an experiences that makes us come back for more. Sounds simple, but it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe when we actually do merge or integrate with technology will we find the technological Utopia.

In the mean time, let’s help one another and let’s solve the problems that need solving, while working on these integration projects at the same time.