As many of you know, I’m a huge fan of Headway Themes and highly recommend it for anyone running a WordPress Blog. This is a short video by Danny Brown of – Danny will give a quick overview of the new 1.7 version. In my humble opinion, Headway Themes provides the best solution for website’s, no matter what level of expertise you may have with WordPress, this is the Premier WordPress Theme bar none! A BIG thanks to Danny for this video, if you want to see other sites using Headway, here is a list of 200 for you to review – enjoy!

Start Blogging TodayThere has never been a better time to be an Entrepreneur, never a better time to be a Blogger, there has never been a better time to be an early adopter. In many respects, if you started your Blog today, you would be an early adopter. Why? Well, there are only 1.8 Billion People on the Internet, not all have a Blog, and there is still another 3 Billion people coming over the next 3 – 5 years. That’s 3 Billion people you will be ahead of when the dam breaks, you’ll be on high ground, ready to serve the other 3 billion yet to come regardless of whether selling a service or product, or if your giving your help away for free. Imagine what a time such as this could do for you & your blog, do you have a Blog, are you thinking of starting one, I would, and I would start right now. But where do you turn for help?

Look no further than a site called Start Blogging Today! The site is all about you and your success as a Blogger, an incredible support team that takes the stress out of wondering what to do next. I charge you to make a good decision and visit Start Blogging Today, get involved with the community and ensure your blogging experience is a positive one. Imagine, help at your finger tips, the kind of help you can’t find anywhere else! A site that provides weekly training and tools for your blogging success.

Start Blogging Today is run by true blogging professionals, Grant Griffiths, founder of the Headway WP blogging theme, and Michael Martine of Remarkablogger. Meet the rest of the team standing by to help you.

Why do I endorse this program? The people, it’s the people behind SBT. They have built a first class how to system for any business professional who’s starting out with a blog, or even for those who’ve been around for a while and want to take their blog to the next level.

Patsi Krakoff a veteran blogging professional herself, interviewed Grant Griffiths and here are a few words from Grant, I share it with you here, taken from Patsi’s blog word for word:

grantgriffiths How to Start Blogging Today: <br>Its never  too late to be a noob“The thought which became Start Blogging Today came into existence because we saw a need and a desire in a marketplace.  Every single day we saw businesses struggling to gain an online presence.

While they could all throw up a simple web site similar to the Yellow Page ad they were running. what they really needed was a way to communicate and engage with their target audience.  And we knew blogging was the method they needed to use.

The problem too many businesses, whether they are home based, small or any size, face is that they think they are seeing too many other bloggers.  How can they compete and where would they fit in?

What we set out to do with SBT was to provide a framework of 26 core lessons to get them past that unwarranted concern and to learn how a blog and social media can market and promote their business.

The other roadblock to their own online marketing success was their lack of knowledge on how to actually use a blog and blogging platform.  SBT deals with this by giving them the tools from day one to get a blog up and going from day one.

From the very beginning of mapping out SBT we wanted to build a community and we feel we have done that with the members’ only forums and the structure of the site.  We are even using Twitter and “protecting updates” so members of SBT can use twitter to communicate with us and we can make announcements for them too.

Also included with SBT is a members-only blog category which members will only see when posted.  We wanted to show members that all of the tools we were suggesting to them to use could be used and used well.

While our target audience for SBT might be the noob blogger, the newbie or the brand new blogger, it’s good for others as well.  The just started, and even the blogger who has been around for a while can use Start Blogging Today to correct their course and kick an existing blog up a notch.  We feel any level of blogger can benefit from the core and bonus lessons in SBT.”


Enough said, whether you’re a veteran blogger or a blogging noobie, or you haven’t considered setting up a blog, before you do anything else right this moment, visit Start Blogging Today right now, get a free report on blogging while your there!

Start Blogging Today

For those of you who visit regularly you probably already noticed, but for those of you who check once and a while and or maybe once a year, I’ve made one big change and added a few more things for you to get in to.

The first big news for 2010, I made the move to Headway Themes (affiliate link) instead of Thesis, I just love it, the Visual Editor is simply amazing and allows you to make changes on the fly.

With that in mind, you will see on the Menu an item called Headway, there you will find a video that gives you a snapshot of how great the theme is. Also, I have put a link to their website (it’s my affiliate link), yes, I am more than happy to endorse and promote Headway Themes. You should too!

Many of you know I’m all about I.T. Strategic Planning, I have added a new page with a high-level view of what your I.T. Strategic Plan might look like, also, I have provided you with all the links to the posts I wrote to help you build your own I.T. Strategic Plan. I hope it works for you, and of course, I’m available to help you should you need me.

I hope you like the new look and feel of my Blog, it’s not labour intensive anymore, thanks to Headway Themes.

Take a look around, if you see something wrong and or something you would like to see on the Blog, Let me know ASAP.

Until next time.