I just wanted to drop a note to all who consider visiting this blog, those who have signed up for my email updates, I wish to convey a heart felt thank you. Today I am celebrating 12 years since suffering a heart attack, yep, Match 4th, 2001 I suffered a broken heart, and I still get to tell the story.

It was 6 years ago Feb 1st I chose to become self-employed, it was a difficult decision, but it was the right one in my humble opinion. My wife might tell you something different : )

I’m dedicating this day to my family, and to you the reader, to you the visitor, it is you I can’t wait to share with, speak to, and most of all, help you. I am grateful that you allow me to speak to you in the direct manner that I do, I do this because I have to, I care about you and your business more than my own.

I hope and pray you will continue to travel on this journey I’m on, it is an honour and privilege to have you with me, thank you from the deepest part of my heart.



I am writing to share and to invite you, invite you to celebrate with me on this date, March 4th, 2001 – it was on this date, I suffered a heart attack, and I am still here ten years later to tell the story. I admit to being a little sensitive today (misty) only because there is still so much to do, and I am still around to do what needs to be done. But most of all, I have you in my life, and that trumps everything else.

So I want you to celebrate with me via digital means, a digital party so to speak, to celebrate that God is not done with me here on this earth, praise the Lord.

Many Blessings, I love you, and I thank you for considering this party on this day.

Owen Greaves