I just wanted to drop a note to all who consider visiting this blog, those who have signed up for my email updates, I wish to convey a heart felt thank you. Today I am celebrating 12 years since suffering a heart attack, yep, Match 4th, 2001 I suffered a broken heart, and I still get to tell the story.

It was 6 years ago Feb 1st I chose to become self-employed, it was a difficult decision, but it was the right one in my humble opinion. My wife might tell you something different : )

I’m dedicating this day to my family, and to you the reader, to you the visitor, it is you I can’t wait to share with, speak to, and most of all, help you. I am grateful that you allow me to speak to you in the direct manner that I do, I do this because I have to, I care about you and your business more than my own.

I hope and pray you will continue to travel on this journey I’m on, it is an honour and privilege to have you with me, thank you from the deepest part of my heart.


snoopy-treeIt’s 12 days from Christmas, most are hanging tough, waiting for the Christmas break to come, and some can’t wait for it to pass already. This time of year can be stressful, it’s the desire for more, and not having the means to acquire the more. The push and pull of wanting more, but it doesn’t just happen at Christmas, we always want more, all year long. It’s human nature.

Contentment is seriously misunderstood, it’s measured mostly by how we feel rather than reason. This year the Greaves household is holding fast, we don’t want more, we actually need to purge! The cars are parked in the driveway instead of the garage, the garage is full of the more. To clarify, most of it belongs to other family members, because we have the space to store it, no…because there is a place to put it. I’m not complaining about family, I wish they were here to take what’s theirs, but they have passed away to leave what they had behind, and we had to store the belongings somewhere.

The aspect of Christmas I miss the most, is being a kid. My Mother & Father made Christmas a very special time, they spoiled us, and we liked it, we got more stuff! I actually miss how I felt, and being around my family more than getting more stuff, but that was fun too. I think we all feel this way as Christmas approaches, we tend to reflect rather than look ahead. It’s not right or wrong to look back, but we spend far too much time there, we should “do more” instead of reliving the past. We should practice foresight.

My Father used to say success was having more stuff, he who has the most toys wins thinking, I didn’t buy that for second, success is different for each one of us, but we don’t tend to understand success when we have it. I’m generalizing of course, but we often think success is a destination, when most of the time it’s the results of an endeavor, a journey. We forget to enjoy the process, we think we have to wait to until we get to success before we can stop and enjoy what’s happened and what has been done to get there.

Success is more about failing, more about doing, and the willingness to lose what you have, otherwise we couldn’t measure success. For every equal good, there is an equal bad. The same is true of the decisions we make, the goal of course is to make more good decision than bad, more right decisions than wrong. All these decisions happen along the way, the journey, that lead to what you would define as success. I recommend you stop and enjoy the journey, that in itself is success, in that you are on a journey.

The journey you are on was meant for you and only you, those around you are spectators, and in some cases we are players in and on your journey. We all have a roll to play, a voice to be shared, and more importantly, gifts to be used to make the world a better place, and that’s why Christmas makes us reflect, we have a deep need to cherish family, and the things that make us unique. Everyone can bring something to the table, you have to choose to, if you don’t bring it, there most likely is no success. Success rarely happens by itself, it almost always happens because people are involved, you will never really be successful without the love and help of other people. Even Snoopy need help to decorate his tree. (above)

Websters Dictionary defines success in this manner:

– That which comes after; hence, consequence, issue, or result, of an endeavor or undertaking, whether good or bad; the outcome of effort.

Funny how there is no mention of people, but you and I know most things in life that define success, tend to be based in relationship, the people in our lives, not stuff. It’s really a matter of perspective. However, success is the heart of the matter, we all strive to be in the moment of that word.

On that note, I want to take this opportunity to say thank you for a fabulous 2012, you made it awesome, and I’m grateful that you even take the time to come here and read what I have to share. Most of us think it, but rarely actually show it, but we do say it often, we always say we care. I’m not the brightest bulb on the tree, but I love to help people, and I can only hope what I share here helps you some how.

I pray you have an awesome Christmas, that you get to reflect and look ahead with hope, but mostly you should cherish those in your life, because we all will shall pass and become a memory. You are valued here, I am grateful to have the opportunity to speak into your heart, it’s where we all life.

Merry Christmas my friends.


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I want to share from my heart today, please indulged me. I know you can’t imagine a time when business just doesn’t matter, but today, it just doesn’t. On March 4th, 2001 business didn’t matter, and it really hasn’t since, on that date, I suffered a heart attack and today I live to tell the story. Today, my wife & I are dealing with…well, we don’t know what we’re dealing with. You see, my wife’s Father is in the hospital, and he believes he is going to die! He will, but just not yet. There is a possibility he has cancer, and is also having problems with his heart, the diagnoses is still unclear.

Now obviously living is important to business, but a business living, is only important if the one who owns and is responsible for it is alive and healthy. I know what you are thinking, well OK I don’t, but, I know we all get wrapped up in our work, our projects, and we’ll do anything, we will kill ourselves trying to get a business off the ground. But for what? Why?

I can tell you this, if you have ever had a brush with death, the things you chased and worked for, just don’t matter. No one has ever said on their death bed, geez, I wish I had a faster car, or a bigger house. Almost 100% of the time, they say, I wish I had spent more time with my spouse, my kids, and or my immediate family. We are messed up as a people, are priorities most of the time are dictated by things we think are important.

Hell, in some of our businesses we won’t do FREE, we won’t give anything away, but we are the first one’s in line when some other business is giving away something for free. We won’t even help someone in desperate need, most of the time we walk right by. That was random, but it shows the hypocrisy of mankind.

Life is far too short, and when you don’t have your health, not only does business not matter, nothing else matters too! So a pre-requisit to the Future Of Business should be this, take care of your health, your personal health, and it will be much easier to take care of your businesses health.

We need a healthy heart for everything we do, without it, your health and the world you live in, will die with you, and that’s when business doesn’t matter. We have things in the wrong order don’t we, look after personal health first, then, everything else that follows.

Live long & prosper, but only if you have a healthy heart.

Be sure to give to the Heart & Stroke Foundation while you are at it.


thegameFor many business is a game, the game has rules that attempt to make it a level playing field. The Internet is changing this game, the rules are being broken and the players are blowing big business away. Don’t kid yourself though, big business is catching on and they are making in roads where early adopters roamed untouched.

The best part of this game, anyone can participate, but it’s not for the weak of heart and get rich quick schemers. If you come to play, be prepared to work hard, study hard, listen hard and search hard. You will need every ounce of passion & desire, all the smarts and energy you can muster up. Why? Because this game only tolerates those willing to pay the price, period. The game never ends, it’s 24/7 and it can last your entire life, do you have what it takes? Billy Chapel lasted 20 years and finished with his head held high, he paid the price, he had nothing left to leave on the field. Is that you? Are you willing to stay and carve out your place in the game?

One thing this game requires, a place you would call home base, a place where you go from and return to, the place where you build community and trust. I would highly recommend that you invest your time there, why, because everything on the Internet keeps changing and you could be left out in the cold. Your Blog or website only changes when you want it too, you don’t have control over the Internet and it’s content, so you best invest at home. If you want to survive and play at a high level you need to start at home, that’s rule #1 in the game.

If you don’t love the game you play hard, you won’t see it through, you won’t dig deep and work for your dreams. You have to do it for the love of the game.