I can’t get enough of Gary’s passion and his message no matter how hyped he gets or how direct he is, I love Chris Brogan’s more laid back approach too. They both work for me, I’m pretty hyper myself when I speak in front of crowds, they juice me up. I love getting a response from people and large audiences, but more than that I love listening to people like Gary & Chris for their passion and commitment to service and hard work. They are a good example of getting out there and hustling as Gary put’s it.

Gary just released this message on his Blog “The Thank You Economy” and yes I’m posting it.

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  1. aneleganttea on February 5, 2011 at 4:11 PM

    I always order custom designed thank you cards to coordinate with the brochure. Lisa Trick, my fabulous designer, created a new branding for my business – brochure, web site, logo, thank you cards… Am looking forward to getting the new Thank You cards printed and to start using them!