sprite-8The phenomenon called Social Media has taken the world by storm, primarily one social network called Twitter is getting the lion’s share of the press as of this writing. Are these social networks working for you? I suspect many of you use FaceBook for catching up with old school buddies but are you using it for business purposes? If you are a professional you are probably using LinkedIn to network, research projects and or your next career move. The most responsive of the networks in my opinion is Twitter and it is a primary business tool for many organizations. No matter which one you use each of us has a motive for using these networks for various purposes.

One of the best tools I have discovered is in Twitter’s search capabilities, it is far reaching and a very powerful tool for doing research within your Twitter following. I’m not referring to the Find People mechanism in your Account, I’m referring to search.twitter.com.

Play with it and decide how you might maximize this tool for your business, will it be market research, curiosity to see who is saying what about you in their updates. No matter the use it can be one of your secret weapons in your social media tool kit.

It may not replace Google anytime soon but you can see how it could be used as such in the future.

Until next time.

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