Back in 2008 Twitter was on fire, I was getting over 100 new followers a day, it was insane and fun! I would spend hours talking to people all over the world, it was so exciting, it was great to just sit and talk to people. You could be heard, you were easily found, it was a great way to build your business, for FREE! FaceBook was also new and an interesting place to be, you could be easily heard there as well. So what happened?

Today, almost every social network has become a megaphone, a yelling channel, a place to simply regurgitate content, a spewing of highly repetitive news bits. The louder you yell, the noisier it gets, the more crap you post, the crappier social networks become.

The biggest change, the social networks have changed their algorithms to reward paid content, the paying advertisers. I don’t have a problem with that strategy, that’s free enterprise. So how do those who can’t afford those promoted / advertising rates, it can spin out of control quickly if you don’t know what you’re doing.

What used to be the wild west has become a pay wall in a near zero marginal cost society, this is not a good thing for everyone. NET Neutrality is similar in that we the people are fighting tooth and nail to keep the Internet open and somewhat free. The big cable companies and ISP’s want to control what you can see and do….the social networks are acting similar in that you can be found and heard if they allow it, if you pay for it.

Social networks are not acting in the best interest of the people…and they shouldn’t I guess, they started for many reasons, the biggest was to earn large amounts of money. I’m not convinced money was the main motivator, but money is a powerful illusion, we honestly believe we’ll be happier with more money, in most cases that’s not true.

So what happened to social media networks? Why are they making it harder and harder to be found and heard? And why do we feel we just have to be there? I guess we drank the social media kool-aid, it taste’s too good.

My message to you, stop wasting so much time Tweeting, Updating and posting noise….stop and go do work that matters, make the world a better place, go change lives. Go and teach someone to do something they never thought they could do, something that improves another’s day, maybe their life. Unless you have a job that can afford to spend the time and money to maximize social network advertising, you’re hiding, you’re not doing work that matters.

I challenge you to think back when you first signed up to a social network, and ask yourself what happened to social media networks since you joined the masses.

How much time do you invest in Social Media Networks? Is it good use of your time? What are you hiding from that could make your life better, maybe even more money? I urge you, stop….stop hiding, someone needs your help.

TheInternetOfThingsThe question, What’s the next big thing, is probably the question I’m asked the most, #2 is, how can I make money with an Open & Free Business Model. I’m only going to talk about the 1st question, what’s the next big thing?

For the most part the Internet has been a play thing, a really fun distraction right? Wrong, you’ve heard it before, the Internet is a game changer. So, what’s the next big thing? It’s called, ” Internet Of Things “. What that means is this, everything on the planet will be connected to the Internet and to you! The meshing of humans and the Internet, where everything will communicate to everything. In 15 years each person will be surrounded by 3 – 5 thousand connected everyday things.

IPv6 makes this all possible, IPv6 can give more IP addresses than there are atoms on the earth, which means, everything will have a unique identity. Which means, there will be a chip or sensor on everything, probably so small the naked eye won’t see it. Imagine a chair that has a sensor, it now has a unique identity, when you sit on it, it will know someone is sitting on it, and it will connect to your wireless / sensor device and it will know who is sitting on it. Because the Internet is connected to everything, this charge will collect everything about you, and it will then connect to almost everything in that room. The heat will automatically be adjusted to the way you like it, music will start playing based on the mood you’re in, and so on. This is an amazing thing, and yet….a nerving thing.

The Internet Of Things is all the data of everything on earth, BIG DATA, and it is what Google, FaceBook, Twitter, and all the other Social Networks are fighting for, and control of your data. We will see broadband speeds open up unlike we’ve ever seen, so the Internet of Things doesn’t experience choke points. The Internet will become three critical things, it will be the foundation of IOT (Internet Of Things):

1.) Communication Internet – we already do this on a low-level – it will be improved

2.) Energy Internet – distributed renewable energy

3.) Mobility / Logistics Internet – the delivery system

I’m not even scratching the surface, there is far too much for a single blog post. So if you’re wondering what the next big thing is, this is it, The Internet Of Things.


Today I ask the question:

“Do you prefer comments on a Blog, or conversations on FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other Social Networks?”

I prefer Blogs, I like to keep the conversations here, not spread over multiple Social networks, at least here everything is self-contained. It’s easier to pull together smart thinking when all the comments and thinking are in one site when a question is posed. Now, having said that, you’ll notice this Blog doesn’t get many comments, maybe my content just isn’t interesting, or people just don’t agree and don’t take the time to let me know. It matters not, this is my space, it’s also a space for people who are interested, like-minded if you will, in my research, my point of view, my perspective, my foresight…it gets cataloged here on this Blog.

Now, I can’t control where you want to talk about my ideas, my blog posts, I just go where you are….when I have the time. The easiest way to get my writing…sign-up for my updates, then it hits the Inbox, that’s where we can have real in-depth conversations.

I understand it’s easier to comment on a Social Network, I publish to Social Networks with the hopes you will come here, at least then you might look around, read more and get exposed to more of my ideas and thoughts.

So if you aren’t commenting here, you may have already answered my question, or maybe…you never thought about it before. Never the less, feel free to comment here, I would love to get your view on the topic.

Do you prefer Blogs Or Social Networks?

olivierblanchardI’m not sure why, but it appears to me, those who teach Social Media are really just teaching people how to use the telephone. Eventually, people talk, and figure things out, SM is not that big a mystery. What is a mystery, is how Social Media Guru’s / Experts don’t agree on the Social Media ROI or what they report to clients. Most report the wrong information, and sometimes….it’s reported on purpose. Social Media GURU’s / Experts, this is for you, and for those wanting to learn, some insight from a real professional.

One of my Favorite quotes from the Social Media ROI book by Olivier Blanchard is:

A Social Media Program Manager who only reports on “social media numbers” is just being lazy. Always keep your eye on the business objectives that your social media program is there to support.

– Gaining real-time insights into consumer preferences and perceptions

– Improving the organization’s crisis monitoring and response process

– Increasing the reach of marketing efforts

– Increasing the impact of marketing efforts

– Reducing customer service costs

– Improving customer service outcomes

– Amplifying a campaign’s impact

– Increasing sales through frequency, reach and yield (FRY) methodologies

– Humanizing or otherwise improving the organization’s image in the eyes of consumers

– Helping reverse an event’s negative impact to the brand (such as PR faux-pas, an ecological catastrophe, or an interruption of service)

– Improving customer relations to help increase customer loyalty

If you must report on typical social media metrics such as net new followers, views, likes, subscriptions, mentions, comments, visits, shares, and re-tweets, do so in context.

If you want the book, and I highly recommend it, go here —

I don’t get a kick back, but I do get a name mention in the book, see if you can find it : ) – just buy it, and practice what Olivier preaches.

End of rant : )

I have an online friend in this battle, he is well-known, has built a large online following, written 6 books, and a host of other things, after all of this, he is looking for a full-time job. He admits that he hasn’t been able to make it on his own (but still wants to), so he is looking for a job, but a specific kind of job. Which raises the question, should you seek a job (full-time) or step out the way of self-employment?

The question raises many other questions of whether you’re in a place to go self-employed or to continue working a job, but only you can answer them, it’s all a risk at some level. I have been on my own the last 7 years, it was exciting at first, but it got gradually harder, and I found myself wishing for a full-time job so I didn’t have to go through the pain. The fact is, some of us are not able to be self-employed, for a lot of reason’s, but you can learn to, and find ways to survive through the down times. Surviving is not why we start a business, or make the decision to be self-employed, we hope for greater than what we had in the job, its human nature.

I’m writing this here because I want to help him, I admire this person’s transparency, his willingness to put himself out there, to be humble enough to ask for help in a very public way, his name is Jesse Stay, I’ll let him appeal to you:

Yes, I’m looking for a full-time job. Know anyone that’s hiring?

The truth is, it’s embarrassing to say that. As someone who has written 6 books on social media and continually gets approached for more; As someone who has almost 80,000 subscribers on Facebook, 65,000 followers on Google+, and 40,000 on Twitter, along with Facebook Pages in the hundreds of thousands; As someone who has helped pioneer social media and audience/reach for organizations like the LDS Church, Deseret Digital Media (a top 25 news organization in the USA) and even worked with Facebook, Inc. herself; As someone who has built Twitter tools with users in the hundreds of thousands; As someone who was described by Mashable as one of the top entrepreneurs, and top developers to follow on Twitter, I just couldn’t make going on my own work.

Raising a family of 8 on your own, with no full-time employment is HARD! While I’m constantly getting new clients (and still seeking more, unless I get a job), it just doesn’t seem enough to make what I need to support my family. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. Maybe I just have more expensive needs with my large family.

I’m often told and described by others who introduce me as “one of the best social media experts in the world.” Those are not my words. It’s hard for me to believe them when I can’t bring in enough clients on my own to justify that title. Those that work with me love what I do for them, but I’m not doing something right, because I still don’t have enough clients paying regularly to keep me afloat. I think I’m just not cut out enough to do this thing on my own – I either need someone who’s picking up the slack in the areas I’m missing (aka someone to tell me what to do while handling the sales/budget/finance – know anyone good?), or I just need to work for someone else.

It’s tough for me to share this – I have to swallow my pride. I don’t enjoy admitting defeat, and maybe I haven’t fully, but some how I’ve got to pay the bills, and I’m ready to make a change in direction to do so.

If you know anyone hiring Director-level or above in digital or social media strategy (can even have a technical-leaning, as I started out as a software developer), or even emerging technologies and finding disruptions within a company, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency included, please send them my way. I’m really looking for introductions more than job postings. I’ve found a million job postings and without a close friend that knows my skill-set introducing me to the hiring manager and pushing them to hire me it really doesn’t do much good in such a competitive market. Also, while I’d love to stay in Utah, I’m really open to working anywhere (especially internationally!) if it gets me employed. Send them my way!

Oh, and please feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile to see my clients, work performed, skills, endorsements, and recommendations:

If you can help him, I recommend you reach out to Jesse, you’ll find him easy to contact, and he is always willing to help.