I was surfing about and came across this great video on Cristian D. Cano’s marketing blog, I just had post this video here on my blog, well, because I had to have it in my database : )

Having said that, Gary Vaynerchuk once said, everything we put on the Internet becomes our legacy, and that’s exactly what the question implies. If everything you put out there was turned into a book, would it be a best seller and how would people view you, not to mention, grand kids and so on.

Food for thought, but what would your FaceBook book be like?

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  1. muchmemory on February 6, 2011 at 9:26 AM

    1972-2003 I published family books, local histories and school yearbooks. I always said they would never die, even though video started threatening in the 70’s and a few schools lost their memories trying to avoid the cost of printing. Who knows how long our digital lives will last? I’m thinking my sabbatical is about over and its time to re enter that unique niche again.

  2. SeanSabourin on February 7, 2011 at 10:40 PM


    I love the quote by Vaynerchuk! I was just having a discussion with some friends the other day about this very subject. Thanks for posting the video as well, quite the concept. Whether my virtual book would be a best seller or not, I hope that in some way the time I have spent online will have an impact on someone, especially my family. My Facebook book will be a collection of my thoughts and convictions. It will reveal to people things which are important to me and close to my heart, but especially that it would be a true reflection of who I am. Thanks again for the post and causing me to think about what legacy I will be leaving.


    • owegre on February 8, 2011 at 6:07 AM

      Hi Sean,

      Thanks for your comments. We aren’t very good as a people when it comes to legacy, we want people to speak well of us when we pass on but we don’t tend to match our actions with the desire for being well liked. We forget very quickly, and that’s probably a good thing, that everything we do is being recorded in some way. People are watching you offline too, online is easier to track, so think before posting I guess. Just liking before you speak, and I’m real bad at that.

      Many Blessings, Owen