Cover of "Jerry Maguire"

Cover of Jerry Maguire

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Remember the movie Jerry Maguire? Jerry wrote a document that went against an industry, it was about having less clients, make more money. That model really is valuable, it is the future of business. Most businesses and entrepreneurs today work so hard to build the largest audience possible, to be BIG, want to be popular, and we do things we normally wouldn’t do to reach that objective.

The real money is made in powerful, small loyal communities, not in being popular and famous. The real money is in serving small loyal communities, being helpful, and connecting with that loyal community. The secret to your success will be from building, serving long before receiving any kind of reward. The service of being helpful to a community fills the need of feeling important, you really are in control of how you provide that service.

If what you do isn’t helpful, it isn’t useful, and can’t be applied in one’s business or life, what’s the point? If you do provide useful easy to implement ideas, you will eventually find a fiercely loyal community shows up, fiercely loyal true fans. Serve the small, serve it well, and your view of the world of business, the future of business, will reveal the why of what you do. Without that community, doing meaningful work, being fulfilled, will never truly take hold.

Fulfillment in your work is derived differently by each and everyone of us, but that’s what we all try to get from everything we do. Build a loyal community, find a 1,000 true fans, serve them, help them, and you will discover, fulfillment has already arrived. It has been said, if you help enough people get what they want, you’ll be OK.

Stop trying to reach everyone, stop trying to be famous, if you must become well known, become famous for building and reaching smaller, more loyal communities, the secret is in the small. Provide useful information, be helpful, listen to that small loyal community and give them what they want, not what you think they want. The future of business is in the small loyal communities, a place where the open & free business model thrives.

If you were to practice the 90 / 10 rule, where you give away 90% and only charge for 10%, could you make a living? With a small loyal community, yes. Build small loyal communities.


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