The Definition Of The Open & Free Business Model, it’s simple and yet complicated. It’s an idea, it’s a concept that should scare you, it will scare you, you will resist it, it will stretch you, and mostly I hope, it changes how you think about business. Everyone wants to earn a living, everyone. We do argue and debate as to which is the best way to make that living, most of us play it safe, we trade our time for dollars. What if you discover that system is not rewarding, it is from a pay cheque perspective, but it’s not enough is it, you want something more, but you struggle to define it.

The Open & Free Business Model is not just for business owners, it’s for you, the UN-entrepreneur, the one who has yet to take the risk of doing something that scares you. Putting yourself out on the limb, taking a chance, to put your passion out for the world to see and use.

The Open & Free Business Model is about freedom, freeing your mind from a transaction, the kind of transaction we have been taught for 100+ years. This model is about changing the way you do business, it takes you out of your comfort zone, it puts you on the other side. The side of the consumer, where you now have to trust those people formerly known as consumers, you have to give them something you have been unwilling to give in the past. You now have to provide a service or product first before payment is ever considered (but usually not), do you have the strength to explore this model? Come on the open & free journey, and we’ll find out.

The Open & Free Business Model is about transparency, about trust, about risk, and about change. It’s about the 90 / 10 rule, not the 80 / 20 rule. Giving away your product or service 90% of the time, while only charging 10% of the time. Handing over your product or service without payment, trusting those you served will tell others about your generosity, about how you do business. There is risk in this model, you may be taken advantage of, you may never get paid! Why would you do such a thing? This model is about your fears, facing the fear of loss.

If you take everything literally, then yes you will lose, but this model is calculated, it loves the unknown, it loves to be a servant. The risk is calculated, we don’t just give it away without a good reason, without a higher, stronger purpose.

This model is about creating something far larger than yourself. This model is about a journey. It’s about the expression of ones self. It’s about valuing people. It’s about truly being alive. Trusting that which you created is useful and helpful to those looking for your art. It’s not about the lime light, being famous, or 15 minutes of fame. It’s about those who have become your true fan. Those who are like-minded with your passion and vision.

The mechanics of this model is where the learning and stretching will come from, it won’t make the risk feel safer.

Free IS a business model, open & free is a better model, it allows us all to explore the fear we feel, but more importantly, it gives the strength to conquer that fear. Because that fear isn’t real, we just think it is.

The problem with trying anything that makes us feel unsafe, especially in business, we almost always want proof we won’t fail. If you look hard enough, and read this blog, you will find proof, and you will learn to embrace the model once you understand it. Don’t let the FREE part scare you off, it’s mostly a word, it IS an action we leverage and prosper from, not suffer. This model is different than anything you have learned in school, it’s not about what you think you already know about business, it’s about changing that which you know. It’s about changing your business for the better, far more rewarding than any amount of money can buy.

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