To my knowledge this is a first for Vancouver, I am very excited about this major conference on two fronts, this is the first time it will be held in Vancouver, and I have been invited to speak on The Future Of Business – The Open & Free Business Model! Imagine, over 1,000 futurists under one roof for almost a week in beautiful downtown Vancouver, I wonder if there will be enough counselling for all of us? <grin>

The future is on everyone’s mind, we all want to look into the crystal ball and see how things will turn out 20, 30 , 40 years down the road, but that’s not what the World Futurist Society Members do. Futurists are not about telling you your future, they study what most of the world doesn’t pay attention to. This Society investigates how social, economic and technological developments are shaping the future, that’s very different, and refreshing.

Checkout the World Futurist Society’s FaceBook Page and be sure to follow them on Twitter, you’ll love what they share and make available to you on their website too.

If you can attend this conference, do it. Imagine the brain power you will tap into, ideas will flow, your creative juices will overwhelm you, and you will hear about amazing concepts yet to be developed. All because you were around quality people that devote their lives to one reality, that “Tomorrow is built today”, come join us.

Moving from Vision to Action

WHEN: Friday evening, July 8, 2011, through ­Sunday, July 10, 2011. Preconference courses on Thursday and Friday, July 7 and 8, and Professional Members’ Forum on Monday, July 11.

WHERE: Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre Hotel, Vancouver, BC, ­Canada

WHO: Approximately 1,000 futurists from around the world.

WHAT: The WorldFuture 2011 program will feature big-picture thinking and practical visions from a diverse array of participants in a variety of disciplines.

TOPICS: Technology, education, health, business issues, families, communities, work trends, social change, the environment and resources, globalization, education, governance, futures methodologies, and much more.

SPECIAL EVENTS: Preconference courses, tours, meet-the-author sessions, career counseling, tabletop exhibits, and more activities are planned.

NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES: A complimentary welcoming reception, two keynote luncheons, group business meetings, reserved networking ­areas throughout the meeting, and more.

There have been many times when I went to a conference, sat in a workshop, or just talked with one of the speakers, and then walked away talking to myself, mumbling and processing. Everytime, and I mean everytime, I ask myself why I can’t see somethings but others do. You know, when you have that Uh Huh moment, the moment you get excited because you just saw or heard that thing, that thing you were missing or waiting to someday get so you could finish that whatever.

I do a fair bit of public speaking, workshops and think-tank sessions, and I always get a charge out of watching someones light go on. That moment of epiphany, the eyes get big, the smile and then SHAZZAM the light goes on. What a treat, it’s the high of highs for me, I love it when you get to play role in someones great idea or pain of figuring something out. It happens almost everytime I speak, I show them the future and then help them figure out how to adopt it. The creative juices always flow from something they didn’t know or just saw, the pen starts scratching on the pad an then the million question come at me like a Gatling gun. Fun stuff I must say.

Today was one of those days, I punched out the information in my workshop and it was as if someone pulled the blinders off and they could see once again. I love seeing people light up, they are always grateful after I share with them. Being surrounded with great people makes it even more special.

Do you turn lights on in people, are you helpful and giving of yourself, are you sharing in such a way that people want to hear more, get more, an then share what they learn from you. If you’re asking me, that’s the social currency, when others talk about you in a positive way, that you helped them solve a problem or just simply brightened their day. It’s called getting Attention.

I challenge you to give yourself away and turn the lights on in people. You will be blessed and rewarded ten fold.