There have been many times when I went to a conference, sat in a workshop, or just talked with one of the speakers, and then walked away talking to myself, mumbling and processing. Everytime, and I mean everytime, I ask myself why I can’t see somethings but others do. You know, when you have that Uh Huh moment, the moment you get excited because you just saw or heard that thing, that thing you were missing or waiting to someday get so you could finish that whatever.

I do a fair bit of public speaking, workshops and think-tank sessions, and I always get a charge out of watching someones light go on. That moment of epiphany, the eyes get big, the smile and then SHAZZAM the light goes on. What a treat, it’s the high of highs for me, I love it when you get to play role in someones great idea or pain of figuring something out. It happens almost everytime I speak, I show them the future and then help them figure out how to adopt it. The creative juices always flow from something they didn’t know or just saw, the pen starts scratching on the pad an then the million question come at me like a Gatling gun. Fun stuff I must say.

Today was one of those days, I punched out the information in my workshop and it was as if someone pulled the blinders off and they could see once again. I love seeing people light up, they are always grateful after I share with them. Being surrounded with great people makes it even more special.

Do you turn lights on in people, are you helpful and giving of yourself, are you sharing in such a way that people want to hear more, get more, an then share what they learn from you. If you’re asking me, that’s the social currency, when others talk about you in a positive way, that you helped them solve a problem or just simply brightened their day. It’s called getting Attention.

I challenge you to give yourself away and turn the lights on in people. You will be blessed and rewarded ten fold.

Do find yourself sitting at the computer for hours on end chatting, writing, posting, researching and or just surfing the NET? It has occurred to me that I spend roughly 10 – 12 hours a day here online, I like to believe I’m actually getting something done or helping someone with whatever challenge they might be having. What is it that makes me want to be here for you hour after hour. I mean, there are so many things I could be doing but no, I sit here and indulge in my passion. Is this smart or am I missing something?

I spend most of my time on my Blog, then I spend considerable time in Twitter Search, Twitter itself, FriendFeed and it’s Search, FaceBook has been getting more of my time lately with it’s efforts to be more like FriendFeed. If I had to choose one over the other, I would have to say Twitter is the most appealing for me because it’s as Real-Time as you can get. So that got me to wondering, just because a Social Media Network has 50 million or 300 million user accounts doesn’t really mean it’s the favorite or the best does it? You see I’m addicted to Real-Time, therefore I’m online looking for information of value, most of it is more than 24 hours old, but the juicy stuff is current as seconds ago. I use Google Reader to track RSS Subscriptions but Twitter is faster to me, and I get information as it happens for the most part there.

So, if you could only pick one Social Media Network, which one would you pick? As much as it pains me I would have to pick Twitter as of this writing, FriendFeed has been my choice but for effectiveness and real-time information Twitter is it for me today.

I want to hear from you, leave your answer in the comments area below please.

What’s your favorite Social Media Network & why?

I was sharing on Twitter today about a Newsletter I used to write & produce back in 1995 and Rob Cairn’s said he would like to see it. I thought I would reproduce the content and post it here for you to chuckle over.

Back in 1995 I produced a Newsletter called, ” MARKETING TODAY “, it was an informational piece that was distributed electronically, and the local book store was gracious enough to put it on the magazine rack back in the day. So for a walk down memory lane here is a list of things you couldn’t find on the Internet in October 1995. I even had advertisers in this little beauty!


1.) Material on any subject more than a few years old.

2.) Information about small privately held companies.

3.) Information about most companies not USA Headquartered.

4.) Information about Subsidiaries of major companies.

5.) Specialized Dictionaries or handbooks on business subjects.

6.) Directories of companies by industry and location.

7.) Information on business and trade associations.

8.) Information from small commercial databases.

9.) Franchising companies information

10.) Court reports from state and local jurisdictions.

11.) Telephone, fax and TELEX Directories.

12. Business information in languages other than English.

My closing comments on that article were:

I started this section by saying that the information which isn’t on the net now, soon will be. The Internet allows all of the originators of the information to present themselves, the traditional “middle man”  data gathering groups are no longer needed.

Just for fun, I also recommended Seth Godin’s book called, ” E-Marketing”.

Also, the topic of the day was whether or not you should upgrade to Windows 95, OS2 was still very popular back then too.

Of course much of the above if not all is now available and has been for many years, I hope you enjoyed the walk down memory lane.

The New Technology – The End of Mankind

It doesn’t matter what you believe or what you think you know, what matters is that you become aware. God created us to be relational beings in his image, not machines to live in seclusion separated from each other and him. He gave us the opportunity to have a relationship with him, which is at the very heart of the matter. He also provided a way for us to have awareness, being aware allows you to make sound decisions and sometimes we misunderstand what we are aware of and make not so sound decisions.


I’ve been writing and researching this thing called The New Technology and have become increasingly uncomfortable each and everyday I learn more about it. You can call it fear mongering if you want to but I prefer to think of it as making you aware of the truth and where you should look for it.

If the exponential growth of technology is to continue as it is we will have to find a way to think exponentially, not continue in our linear fashion. Information Technology is growing at 2, 4, 8, 16 and 30 steps at a time and before you know it you are at a billion times. Our brains are doubling in knowledge every year, I’ll bet that’s news to you.

Have you ever thought about these futuristic movies and wondered could it ever happen? Well I have and it is already happening and we never hear about it. OK, we hear about some of the advances being made on CNN but the crux of the problem is trying figure out how to control and monetize it. Net Neutrality is only one small problem compared to where technology is taking us.

You’ve heard about Nano-Technology in very small doses via the news and the progress the scientists at major Universities are making. This progress will intrude on you in ways you can’t possibly imagine and you may not know you have been subjected to it. It will be sold in such a way that you will believe it is the best thing for you to stay healthier and live longer. But is it the best thing for you?

In my ebook I share some of the things you rarely hear about, where we came from, what happened to us when technology really began to evolve. How it impacted our job markets and how will technology change us beyond our wildest imagination. And I am only scratching the surface in the ebook, there is so much out there I can only hope to share a small snippet of my findings.

I ask myself regularly, is this what God had in mind for us? Or is this just the beginning of something far greater?