In just a couple of days you will have the opportunity to meet and hear some budding entrepreneurs in our area at an event called FRESH! Fraser Valley. So mark Septemeber 25th on your calendar and plan to spend the day, it will be one the best investments to learn that you’ve ever made. The Fraser Valley is the eastern corridor of the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada in case you were wondering. This includes the  communities of Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Mission, Aldergrove, and Langley.

An incredible line-up of speakers is on the docet, an opportunity to learn and grow through planned workshops is available to you. For a list of speakers and their topics, just go to this link: FRESH! Conference Speakers

Be sure to register, you can do that here: Register for FRESH!

It is with great pleasure to be one of the speakers at this event, I’ll be speaking on why sharing and resources can contribute to entrepreneurial success. I teach and preach the Open & Free Business Model, how to give away content and generate revenue. I know you want to know : )

I look forward to meeting you, and having the opportunity to share how you can give yourself away and increase revenues at the same time. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy informational booths with some of the sharpest entrepreneurs in our area. Come learn and network with like-minded people at FRESH! Fraser Valley.

The Venue:

The Ramada Plaza & Conference Centre
36035 North Parallel Rd. (Whatcom Road Exit on the Trans Canada Highway)
Abbotsford BC, Canada, V3G 2C6

See you there!

There have been many times when I went to a conference, sat in a workshop, or just talked with one of the speakers, and then walked away talking to myself, mumbling and processing. Everytime, and I mean everytime, I ask myself why I can’t see somethings but others do. You know, when you have that Uh Huh moment, the moment you get excited because you just saw or heard that thing, that thing you were missing or waiting to someday get so you could finish that whatever.

I do a fair bit of public speaking, workshops and think-tank sessions, and I always get a charge out of watching someones light go on. That moment of epiphany, the eyes get big, the smile and then SHAZZAM the light goes on. What a treat, it’s the high of highs for me, I love it when you get to play role in someones great idea or pain of figuring something out. It happens almost everytime I speak, I show them the future and then help them figure out how to adopt it. The creative juices always flow from something they didn’t know or just saw, the pen starts scratching on the pad an then the million question come at me like a Gatling gun. Fun stuff I must say.

Today was one of those days, I punched out the information in my workshop and it was as if someone pulled the blinders off and they could see once again. I love seeing people light up, they are always grateful after I share with them. Being surrounded with great people makes it even more special.

Do you turn lights on in people, are you helpful and giving of yourself, are you sharing in such a way that people want to hear more, get more, an then share what they learn from you. If you’re asking me, that’s the social currency, when others talk about you in a positive way, that you helped them solve a problem or just simply brightened their day. It’s called getting Attention.

I challenge you to give yourself away and turn the lights on in people. You will be blessed and rewarded ten fold.

social-media-photosHow many times have you gone to a Conference hoping to see or hear a particular thing only to be disappointed? I’m not suggesting these Conference’s were bad and didn’t provide value, but what was it you went there for but walked away feeling like you didn’t get what you invested in? I think more conferences should be taking place to involve as many people as possible, in as many area’s as possible too! I am working on putting together a Conference in my area but I’m hoping you will tell me, what you would like to see & hear if you attended. Keep in mind we can’t please everyone and it’s possible the conference could go on for weeks with everyone’s wishes, so the list will be scrutinized to ensure we cover the HOT topics.

I am looking for your input on the topic of Social Media In Your Community, please send me an e-mail or leave your idea’s and wish list in the comments of what you would really love to see & hear at a Social Media Conference in your Community. After all, you did want to come to Canada didn’t you?