Every month I try to pull together local’s to a TweetUp, bring entrepreneurs together, network and share their stories, it’s something I love to do. Bringing people together, sometimes we get to help each other, teach other and build one another up. You never know what’s going to happen and who is going to show up, but that’s the best part for me.

Today I met some new cool people, Alan & Keldie Jameison, a young lady named Raj Thandhi and Curtis McHale. The regulars were there which is always a blessing because they love these get togethers as much as I do. Today we met at a local place called Gourmet Gallery in the Immel Plaza Abbotsford. Great little place with free WiFi too : )

I took a few of pictures to share with you, enjoy:


Raj, Keldie & Curtis




Alan, Arno, Raj


Alan, Arno, Jim, Raj & Keldie


Raj, Keldie, Curtis, Chris, Ronda

I had to get out of the home office today, I drove down the road to a great little coffee shop called Gourmet Gallery. It so happens I had come down to my church to let the cleaners in so I had an excuse to get out, right next door is the coffee shop, so I brought my Laptop. One of the great things about getting out is you run into people you normally wouldn’t meet during the week, I even got to help setup the Christmas Tree here today!

Here’s a cool pic of the shop:


The tree is tucked way in the back of the shop, they have two already setup and a third back in the left hand corner of the picture. While here I did some research online and hunkered down to a London Fog, have you ever tried one? They are so yummy. Here I am sipping on one:

Owen Greaves

Owen Greaves

It’s a great day, you should be here! Cya Later.