Firstly let me apologize for not writing lately, life has a way of taking me away from the very thing I love to do. Why is it that when we go through tough times we focus on all the wrong things? If you become unemployed, you stare at what money you have and thats where you keep your focus. So when the money gets low we go into fits of rage and panic and so on. I can share this because I have done it, I still do it! We all want to meet our obligations no matter what they are, we don’t want to feel bad or be viewed as a bad risk or be known for not keeping our word. How can we stop from being sucked into that vortex, that downward spiral of beating ourselves up and feeling immobilized by our circumstances?

Make a Checklist! Ask your self a couple of questions, they’ll feel backwards, not solving your challenges, but if you truly think about them and act on them, they will indeed take you down the road to recovery. You will be able to turn the tables and get back to feeling that you have value and you are contributing to a higher cause…that cause is you! This list is designed to help you take the focus off of you and put it on other people. I have three questions that I try work from on my checklist.

1.) Are you doing what you were meant to do? (ask people who know you well what they think you are naturally are gifted at, whats your passion?)

2.) What action have you taken to determine question #1? (start working towards your passion regardless of resources)

3.) How many people are better off because you lived? (take what you are passionate about and help other people, you will be rewarded)

It seems simplistic and most people have a very hard time taking their eyes off themselves and putting them on others. The real solution to changing your life is to invest your time and money in others, the rewards are far greater than anything you could have ever dreamed. Don’t be opportunistic by looking for opportunities in other peoples hard luck, that will work against you and only serves you. Just help others see a better way to changing where they are.

I have always tried to encourage people who come in contact with me, I tell them they can be better than they are, this is a work in progress of course and you haven’t arrived yet. Strive to be the best you you can be, truly care for others and help them when you have nothing to help them with… except you.

The Checklist can help you focus on a more higher greater good, helping others and building them up. It’s Biblical too 🙂

Many Blessings