Today marks another date on the calendar that Google disrupts everyone’s day to try a new feature. How predictable is it that we just have to try whatever Google puts in front of us? They know everything about us, so they know exactly what they are doing come rollout time.

What you may not have heard though, has nothing to do with Google Instant. Think about all the Meta Data Google has in it’s possession, all that it knows about how you search, how you work and maybe even more about how you live. But what about how you travel?

Google’s purchase of an online travel firm (ITA Software Inc.) is under review, that’s right, did you see that coming? The premise of the review is a concern by the US Justice Department, they are looking at what power Google would have if this sale was to be approved. Apparently, the merger investigation is at an early stage and very little is known about it. The Justice Anti-trust authorities are looking at two potential areas of concern:

And I quote from the Globe & Mail, “whether rivals would continue to have access to ITA’s data and whether Google would unfairly steer web searches to it’s travel services.”

Why yes, yes that would be a concern, but isn’t that free enterprise?

ITA Software is used by flight-comparison sites like,, and, among others, not too mention Bing as well.

After reading Jeff Jarvis’s book “What Would Google Do?” for the second time, I am not shocked by what Google does, they are a smart innovative company that is forward thinking, and they act on that thinking rather than not. Google already has many at an unfair advantage, not because they are a mean unscrupulous run company, but because they see something all of us don’t.

And as far as Google Instant goes, we are in for some interesting times, the SEO snarky pants will be trying to figure out how to game this new search tool.

That’s what’s on my mind today, what do you think of these two moves?