I share this not fear monger, but fire a shot across the bow, it’s real, and we all need to pay attention. Just recently Bill Gates made the statement, “People Don’t Realize How Many Jobs Will Soon Be Taken Over By Software Bots”. He claims, that in 20 years, alot of jobs will go away, only to be replaced by software automation. One of the challenges with knowing this information is this, most people don’t believe it and will have the job forever.

Here is the quote word for word:

“Software substitution, whether it’s for drivers or waiters or nurses … it’s progressing. …  Technology over time will reduce demand for jobs, particularly at the lower end of skill set. …  20 years from now, labor demand for lots of skill sets will be substantially lower. I don’t think people have that in their mental model.”

In a time where young people under 20 can’t find jobs now, he claims accountants, telemarketers, and retail workers are also in the cross hairs of software automation and robots. This doesn’t look good for those holding those jobs now and in the future if Mr. Gates is correct. This is not the first time futurists have said something of this nature, many, including myself said these very words almost 10 years ago, and recently the Economist named over a dozen jobs that will be lost to automation. Think about what you do now, ask yourself, and be honest with yourself, “can my job be lost to software automation?”. If yes, you know what you have to do, and when automation takes your job, what will you do? If no….you will be one of the fortunate few to keep something called a job.

A few years ago I wrote that everyone will be an affiliate of something, we all at some point in the future be selling someone’s product or service, or our own. We won’t have a choice, because full-time jobs will be a thing of the past, and the jobs not taken by automation, nobody will want to do them. So start today, go and do that thing you so desperately wish you could do, start part-time on the side, but start, there is no better time than now! Today you can have a factory at your fingertips, all you need is an Internet connection and a computer, the rest is up to you. You have it in you, and the world wants to hear from you, so stand-up and bring your art to the world.


Funny how things change over time, not funny HA HA but more in a amuzing curious way. The landscape has changed dramatically, the Internet has given us a new kind of freedom but not unlike Moses crying ” Let My People Go”! There has never been anything quite as liberating as the Internet, where else can you actually have true freedom of speech, the Internet that’s where. You can go anywhere you want for the most part and get information you could never get before. The Internet has allowed the Good, The Bad & The Ugly to flourish, it has also made it possible for you to consider the End of your Job.

On September 19th, 1994 Fortune Magazine released a William Bridges article called, ” The End Of The Job”. It was in the October edition. He was ahead of his time sort of, there’s no way he could see what is happening with a thing called Social Media today. And I quote from the heading of his article:

” THE END OF THE JOB As a way of organizing work, it is a social artifact that has outlived its usefullness. Its demise confronts everyone with unfamiliar risks – and rich opportunities”.

He could never have known how partly right he was back then 15 years ago. But he was also very, very wrong, technology (computers) didn’t save us time at all, they merely made it possible to get more done in a day. Hence, we work longer hours and we try to increase productivity or results, but have we? I’m not certain we are that much better off, we still don’t have the lifestyle he claimed back then, so what happened?

One thing technology or the Internet has done, it gave us a platform to truly see the end of the job come to fruition. The rules of success haven’t changed, you still have to work hard and invest the time to see the results you envisioned, and the lifestyle you dream of. But do we really stop working a job, or do we just trade one work for another? Is it possible to truly do nothing and feel fulfilled, actually know you contributed, were useful, and felt utilized by something meaningful. Social Media environments have opened the door for all of us to make a difference and have a voice. You may even be able to change what the end of the job means to you.

I shared this article back in 2002 to a large crowd and they thought I was nuts, so I directed them just like I’m directing you now…go read the article and form your own opinion, what does the article say to you?

Here’s the link: THE END OF THE JOB

i_have_a_dream-11620I was asked that question this morning, I hated it because I had stop and take inventory once again. I’m going to share some thoughts with you, I only hope it makes sense and reaches the deepest part of you. I think a great many of us do work or do things we never thought we would have to do to pay the bills. There are times when it feels like the dream left and it isn’t coming back, discouragement is the biggest dream killer I know and it always comes from those who claim to love you.

So, back to the question, If you could do anything, what would it be? If you look back over the years (depending how old you are) try to recall what energized you and brought the most fulfillment and was most meaningful to you. A time and place where you felt this was what you could do for the rest of your life. I know, I know, many times we think we’ve found it and poof it’s gone for whatever reason.

Technology, no…society has changed, business has changed and some of us are struggling to change just so we can make the ends meet, to have some sense peace of what we are doing, then every once and while someone asks the dreaded question. The question that urks me most, If  money were taken care of would you do it? DUH!  Of course you would!

I have always felt people could be better than they are, get back on track and be in a better place…. why? Because we lost our dream, we lost the thing that made us want to learn new things, seek new challenges, build and create. We bought into the industrial age of JOB, we have been cooked like the frog in water and now we are discouraged, wondering how we got to where we are and thinking, this isn’t what I wanted.

Now that I got that of my chest, what to do? Firstly, write…get everything out, it might take a day or two and maybe even a week but write and figure out what it is, what’s the magnet pulling you, your deep down desire….your dream. I did this and I have recovered my dream….go figure something so simple could work! Now, you need be prepared, this dream will not be easy and you will have trials & tribulations once you have found your vision. You will need people around you that will help you so don’t kid yourself into thinking you can do it by yourself. I encourage you to find likeminded people, people that have a dream and desire to be more than they are, people who want to give something back to thier communities. Without people, there are no successes. God created us as relational beings, that means we need one another to acheive, to grow, to build, to create and to succeed together. Each one of us has a passion or two that makes us get out of bed in the morning, find it and live the life you were meant to live.

So What’s my Dream, what’s the If I could Do Anything, What Would It Be?

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Many Blessings on you.