I share this not fear monger, but fire a shot across the bow, it’s real, and we all need to pay attention. Just recently Bill Gates made the statement, “People Don’t Realize How Many Jobs Will Soon Be Taken Over By Software Bots”. He claims, that in 20 years, alot of jobs will go away, only to be replaced by software automation. One of the challenges with knowing this information is this, most people don’t believe it and will have the job forever.

Here is the quote word for word:

“Software substitution, whether it’s for drivers or waiters or nurses … it’s progressing. …  Technology over time will reduce demand for jobs, particularly at the lower end of skill set. …  20 years from now, labor demand for lots of skill sets will be substantially lower. I don’t think people have that in their mental model.”

In a time where young people under 20 can’t find jobs now, he claims accountants, telemarketers, and retail workers are also in the cross hairs of software automation and robots. This doesn’t look good for those holding those jobs now and in the future if Mr. Gates is correct. This is not the first time futurists have said something of this nature, many, including myself said these very words almost 10 years ago, and recently the Economist named over a dozen jobs that will be lost to automation. Think about what you do now, ask yourself, and be honest with yourself, “can my job be lost to software automation?”. If yes, you know what you have to do, and when automation takes your job, what will you do? If no….you will be one of the fortunate few to keep something called a job.

A few years ago I wrote that everyone will be an affiliate of something, we all at some point in the future be selling someone’s product or service, or our own. We won’t have a choice, because full-time jobs will be a thing of the past, and the jobs not taken by automation, nobody will want to do them. So start today, go and do that thing you so desperately wish you could do, start part-time on the side, but start, there is no better time than now! Today you can have a factory at your fingertips, all you need is an Internet connection and a computer, the rest is up to you. You have it in you, and the world wants to hear from you, so stand-up and bring your art to the world.


I happen to be married to an HR Manager who disagree’s with my earlier post, she claims that resume’s, traditional resume’s are the only way to hire in certain industries, I disagree of course : ) Her argument is for those who are labor workers, those who drive forklifts, work in warehouses, drive pallet jacks, stock shelves and so on. If you believe resume’s are the only way, then you’re right.

Let’s talk about this traditional way for a moment. I’m going to do a very high-level view here, not much detail, but you’ll get the idea I hope.Let’s use a warehouse job scenario. Someone submits a résumé to your HR office, it goes in a pile for review, you’re holding job fairs (that cost money), you have a staff person give the résumé’s a once over, and those resume’s are short listed. Once you’ve decided who is on the short list, you call them in for an interview. Keep in mind, you know nothing about the candidate, other than what’s on the resume. You then arrange an interview, if the candidate is a good candidate, by whatever measurement you’re using, you go to the next step. Yes or No, are you going to go further with the candidates after the first interview.

Typically, once you’ve decided to offer a person a job, whatever it might be, you do a background check on them, you are now going deeper on your financial commitment. On average, once you’ve decided to hire a full-time employee, it costs your organization around $10,000, and they haven’t worked a minute, you just hired them. And you still know very little about the person you just hired, you still don’t know if they can meet the job description, and or physically do the work. Sure you have 90 days to decide if they are a good fit and will keep them on, but you’ve just spent good money after bad.

I would recommend to the warehouse to set up a website that runs candidates through a serious of questionnaires and tests. This site does low-level training while they are applying, for the purposes of knowing more about a candidate long before they even get an interview. Yes, there is an investment in building the online tools, but it’s a one time investment, you’re not paying or investing large amounts of time and money.

By directing job seekers to your website, you save your HR staff time, and you don’t waste time interviewing poor candidates. Aptitude testing, job related testing, and how to do certain job activities online can tell much more about someone than a piece of paper ever will.

If we are going to change the way we do our work, we must change the way we look and think about the work we do. It’s a paradigm shift, it’s not easy, but if you’re willing, you will be seen as a problem solver that saves time and money.


Why do we keep trying to land jobs the way we always have, submit a résumé, wait by the phone, hoping someone will call. It’s a nice idea, but not good use ones time, especially if you’re desperate to make ends meet. Sure you could collect Unemployment Insurance (in Canada), that takes at least 6 weeks to get, it might be called something different where you live. But these social programs rarely pay all the bills, and you don’t get them the day you need it, they might help or buy you some time, but it doesn’t get you out of the hole your in.

Times have changed dramatically, for me, when I was a young teenager, there were no computers, not for public consumption anyway. We had no choice but to pound the pavement to find our dream job(s). It sounds weird when I say it like that, it was the only way to find work back in my day. Sure you might have a friend of a friend, who knows someone who knows someone else to help you land your dream job. Who invented the saying, “Dream Job”? It sounds great doesn’t it, utopia! The term dream job means that you love what you’re doing, in my humble opinion. You could get hired into it, if you’re lucky, or you could invent it, which is most likely to happen today and for sure in the future. The future of business is just that, innovation, you will invent, innovate your job, your work, a way to pay the bills, get used to the idea, you won’t have a choice. The day of getting full-time work is gone, those full-time gigs are few today.

So, instead of waiting to be picked from a pile of resumes, but do submit to help your cause, but don’t sit around, go and invent your ideal job while you wait. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll discover your dream job, and it could more than pay the bills.



The Future Of Business – Self-Employment, The New JOB! A couple weeks ago I started a conversation on Twitter & FaceBook, I made the statement; There will not be enough jobs to fill the need of a growing population, how will we work?

A blog post from world renown Futurist Thomas Frey touched on the loss of 2 Billion jobs by 2030. His logic is sound and he does admit to not having time enough to provide solutions to his prophecy, but his argument has merit. Thomas provides lists of changes and which jobs they will effect, unfortunately he mostly talking about we will lose over how to solve the problem. Some jobs will be created through the dismantling of existing infrastructure, but they will be short-term free lance type contratcs. Not a bad thing just a perspective.

We are in for a world of hurt in so many areas, I’m not sure there are enough Futurists in the world to provide input on solutions. Given the fact we have a growing population, 7 Billion in 2011, it is predicted we will hit close to 9 Billion by 2025, depending on your source. Take your current unemployment rate and do the math out to 2025, it doesn’t really matter what the number is. The fact there is an unemployment rate or problem tells you we will never really achieve employment for all. The population growth is evidence enough we will have more unemployment. Why? I think we focus on the wrong business system, we are fighting hand over fist to keep and maintain our old Industrial age model. That way of doing business limits employment, everything has a cap, including salaries.

Our educational systems are changing, but ever so slowly, making course ware freely available is a baby step in the right direction though. I expect the school system to morph into a global virtual learning centre, where accreditation transfers well from country to country. This should open many doors for all, a doctor from India is still a doctor, no need for upgrading or telling respectful people they’re credentials don’t measure up. An Open & Free model with equal standards no matter where you are from. It sounds naive but smarter minds than myself have looked at this before and have done nothing to make it work (that’s speculation on my part).

So what is solution? If the numbers are true, world population is out growing the number of available jobs, teaching people to be useful self-employed members of any society seems plausible. That would make self-employment the new job. This should be the primary focus of educators to ensure the masses will be able to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads. Continuing to force people to rely on a failing system, or systems, is not forward thinking, or acting in the best interest of mankind. Governments are still acting like King Richard, forcing the poor to pay more for something that wasn’t working. The Robin Hoods of the world, us here on the Internet are sharing our knowledge, we are even offering to help one another.

The numbers don’t lie, we need to embrace self-employment as a way of life. Waiting for an ailing business model to recover, repair itself, or be re-invented, is not good use of time and resources. It will be too late. But Self-employment alone won’t solve all our problems. If you are thinking of going down the self-employemnt track, there are some resources available in your communities. If you are not sure what type or kind of business to start, simply drive down main street and ask yourself what’s missing. Start there and expand on it, write a list of 40 ideas, but do something.

I know self-employment isn’t easy, it wasn’t meant to be, but it gives many a new way of providing for their families. Education and the likes of you & I helping each other, will make the world a better place.

The Future Of Business Is Self-employment.

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